SAAB toy: Saab 006 and Youngman in the Loop

Cars are not always scary means of transportation but also toys for the big boys. Nice if you own a Saab Turbo, because reason and fun are not mutually exclusive. I think it was 1986 when Saab discovered his heart for turbo crazy dads and their sons and daughters. At that time, the Saab 006, equipped with a Honda 3.5 PS engine, could be purchased from the Saab partner.

Saab 006
Saab 006

A helmet should be mandatory in 006. Because in the Mini Saab the offspring is more than afloat and a slightly larger private property would be good. In the ideal case, a private circuit is an advantage to drive the Swedish racer, produced in Finland. One of the rare 006 is now available for sale on the Internet. In any case, the seller seems to be a Saab fan. What is in the background of the photo is also quite interesting ...

I know where near me a 006 is parked, the owner reads with. Maybe someday there will be a test report of a different kind,

Other countries other manners. Still a lot of enthusiasm for cars, even if they don't have a turbo. In any case, Youngman seems to be having a lot of fun with his Lotus-Youngman-Proton blends. A video has appeared on the Internet that shows Saab prospective youngman on "Guiness world record drive". Youngman products, it becomes clear at first glance, are unfortunately light years behind the cars from Trollhättan in terms of design. But maybe there will be help from Sweden in the future.

I prefer to work with real Saabs over the weekend. The weather will be perfect and the collaborative Saab 9000 project by friend Achim and I shows progress. After the Swede is technically perfect, the seats are now removed and refurbished. At the same time the interior is revised and replaced missing or damaged parts. Are we done with it, the question of whether he then goes to the painter. Let's see.

At Saab in Sweden, a lot is on the move, in the positive sense, as I learned today on the phone. Not only there, also on the blog, the next few weeks will change a lot. We are rethinking the concept and there are already quite concrete ideas what will happen. Information will follow soon.

You all have a nice weekend !


4 thoughts on "SAAB toy: Saab 006 and Youngman in the Loop"

  • Hi Tom,
    Speaking of Saab 9000. Since I'm running a similar development project, a 1995 9000 CDE with 200 hp, I have a technical question. Is it possible and healthy for the engine to run a Garrett T25 loader with an engine control from the 9000 Aero, 224 hp. Since I was able to purchase such a control unit some time ago, I am now faced with the question of whether it is better to retrofit the Mitsubishi charger used in the Aero or whether I can leave the original T25 in the car. I would be grateful for any relevant information.
    Allen Saabfans on this way a nice weekend.
    With saabfreundlichen greetings
    Ralf Anton

    • Hello Ralf - I'll clarify that and ask people who know better than me. You will get an answer! Have a good weekend! Tom

    • There is the Trionic Suite and ready-made maps for conversions ...

  • Is a really cool part of the SAAB 006. How was the new price? Does anyone know?

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