SAAB News: Development expertise at the Trollhättan site

After the Saab bankruptcy in December, it was our concern that the Saab competencies could quickly disappear into all parts of the world. Now, after three months, it shows that our concern was unfounded. Sure, some engineers and executives have switched to other car companies, or are about to. But a large part of the employees remain true to the location.

Saab IQon, based on Google's Android OS
Saab IQon, based on Google's Android OS

Whether it is in the region Trollhättan, the family ties or whether the state support play a major role is difficult to judge from Germany. Maybe the loyalty to the brand with the griffin plays a small role. The Innovatum in Trollhättan reported good news over the weekend. Dozens of companies, all with Saab background, are in the foundation. One does not want to give any details to the outside, but a few names have already been mentioned.

Developer of the infotainment department, involved in the emergence of the revolutionary Saab IQON Systems, start your own business in Trollhättan. A Saab test fleet with the modular system was in use for months in Sweden. The new system, which can keep the car up to date over an entire car life, should have celebrated 2012's debut at the end of the year in the Saab 9-3 successor. The system would have been groundbreaking. Other manufacturers are planning similar solutions, but less revolutionary.

Employees in the "Electronic Integration" department who develop test systems for vehicle development are also starting a new career at Innovatum.

The former employees of the Saab Performance Team and test engineers are also on their way to self-employment. Both groups want to offer their knowledge worldwide. In an interview with the local newspaper, they said that “... will be traveling a lot ...” emerging economies in Asia and car manufacturers in India are the target group. Martin Larsson, who acted as the successor to Victor Muller a few months ago, founded his own company weeks ago which offers engineering services. Other employees have found a new job on site at the Saab AB subsidiary Combitech.

Together with the activities of the state Fourier transformation, which wants to take over the Saab prototype workshop and tank development, Trollhättan has a lot of Saab competence.

The company founders are realistically seeing the current opportunities for start-ups outside of Trollhättan and Sweden. But that could change soon. With every new company, the location becomes even more interesting for every investor.

Competencies in the automotive industry are increasingly being purchased externally. Any Saab buyer looking to start production and development in Sweden is in a prime situation. The best engineers are on site and wait in principle only for the starting shot.

With state support and the local university, well-trained auto mechanics and infrastructure improvement, Trollhättan is probably the most interesting location in Europe to have. Eastern Europe may offer cheaper labor costs, in the overall package Trollhättan is unbeatable.

Gothenburg and the airport are not far and easy to reach. Whoever will be called as a buyer in the next few weeks, has made a good decision!


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  • my wish candidate to take over saab is volkswagen !!!!
    vw has a filled war chest of about ca 20 mrd.euro !!!
    vw (or dr.piech) is keen on alfa romeo, but does not get it.
    Fiat does not want to sell.
    the alternative brand of vw is skoda, the shops are running !!!!!
    in audi it should be seat, but is carried through for years as loss-makers with !!! partly with well done, but
    Discarded audi models (exeo)!
    to keep buyers who want to buy a top quality, which
    But the Audi design has become too boring, Saab would offer a very good alternative, especially since both have front-wheel drive.
    volkswagen or audi would have the corresponding floor groups.
    Wiring harnesses, engine and gear would have to be in stock. The bodies
    it should be the smaller problem to repaint.
    the brand and the logo are already partly available via scania !!!!
    furthermore one could use the factory capacities (on the way to the number 1) well
    by the divorced marriage with Suzuki you should be back on show !!!! fits somehow well with the messages to proton together.
    vw has a powerful sales organization worldwide !!!!
    alone on demonstration car one could already almost satiate saab.
    vw has experience with brands that do not run so well: bugatti, seat !! you are not looking for a quick euro !!
    Scania has been importing Swedish cars since the middle of the fifties !!!

    • blank

      SAAB could then show the Wolfsburgers how to build turbo engines.
      Is not to use what is offered at the moment. In particular, the 1.4 liter turbo / compressor.

  • blank

    It does not reveal to me how you can throw yourself at the neck like that to the Chinese / Indians. A well-established European carmaker (whether BMW, Renault or VW) would not only have the financial means to rebuild it, but would also have the ability to produce vehicles in Trollhättan until the completion of a new range of vehicles the rebuilding phase (at least halfway) profitable to operate.

    And more importantly, with an established car maker, SAAB would also get positive PR and access to a well-developed dealer network. I, for example, do not want to have to explain in the future to any potential SAAB customer in my circle of acquaintances that SAAB is _not_ the extended arm of a Chinese / Indian low-cost car company.

    PS: Yes, certainly - Tata showed a lot of skill and sensitivity at Jaguar. But there is no guarantee that Mahindra will do the same. Just as there is no guarantee that Youngman's love for SAAB will not grow cold as much as Geely's for Volvo.

    • blank

      Hello Phibo,

      How was it a few years ago, when BMW gave the company Rover the pass?

      Please also think of the history of the Quandt people, who are still in charge of BMW today - just ugly!

      But even with VW or another European group, SAAB would probably just be some number - with Mahindra or Youngman-Lotus, SAAB would rather play the first fiddle in the so-called luxury class and would definitely have the greater scope for development (see Jaguar at Tata).

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        "Please also think about the history of the Quandt people who still have the say at BMW today - just ugly !!"

        I thought the time of the clan detention was over.

        Realistically, number two is exactly the best for SAAB - and I say that as a declared supporter of this brand. To become number 1, SAAB is simply much too small - the production volume that would be necessary for this cannot be achieved by SAAB without a really massive expansion of its factory and its range of models. And the (optimistically estimated) 100.000 cars that can be set as a production target in the long term would be a great fit for the second brand of an established manufacturer. SAAB - The BMW for individualists, so to speak.

        Quite apart from the fact that the name BMW has not yet been set in stone, and then the word "combination solution" uttered by Tom is still in the room.

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    Of course this is not, it is a high loyalty of the employees. Either you are SAAB man or Vol. Man (or woman

    @Joachim: Patience, patience, as Tom always says. In April we know more!

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    When can we finally expect the starting shot mentioned above? I am still hoping for Mahindra or another large Indian company - if necessary also for a Chinese investor.

    So that SAAB does not become as stunted as under GM, European automotive companies should stay away from it.

  • blank

    I'm looking forward to my new 9-3 with Saab IQon

    As long as the current one still has to drive (which he thinks will :))

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