SAAB News: Clear start for the Saab Museum

The next Saturday, the time has come. After a dramatic bailout, Saab fans around the globe trembled for the preservation of the collection, the Saab Museum in Trollhättan opens its doors to the public. The museum is run by the Innovatum. The annual operating costs are estimated at 1.5 million crowns.

Saab Museum Trollhättan
Saab Museum Trollhättan

The municipality Trollhättan and the region Västragötland will share these costs. In addition there are the rental costs of the real estate on Göta Älvwhich is owned by the municipal Trollhättans Tomt AB. Every year 1.4 millions of crowns accumulate again. Old and new museum chief is Peter Backström, who oversees the historical collection for many years. The museum is supported by the association of Saab veterans, who do their work honorary.

Trollhättan is always worth a visit, not only because of the museum! Because the small Swedish city is one of the most beautiful locations in car production - which we hope to see again soon.

If you want to experience Saab on the weekend but do not come to Trollhättan, you have several options in Germany as well. In Essen, the first German Saab Club presents historic Saabs at the Techno Classica, in Frankfurt the Saab friends meet in the classic city. All dates in March can be found in our scheduler.

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  • In any case, more beautiful than Wolfsburg ... and as far as Munich is concerned, opinions are divided.

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