SAAB News: Saab administrators press conference

Many questions, few answers. So let's summarize it briefly. The negotiations in Sweden are ongoing and the good news is that all interested parties are still on board. Consciously, however, the administrators remain unconcrete with many statements. The fact that it is in the hot phase is clear, but still the door for additional interested parties is not closed.

BAIC showed interest in Saab parts weeks ago and wants to build electric cars in Trollhättan. On Friday, a delegation of the car maker is said to have visited the factory in Sweden. Saabsunited reports that this information was neither confirmed nor denied by the bankruptcy trustees.

The financing of the insolvency proceedings does not seem to be a problem at present. The topic of wages and money, often discussed again, was not topped this time. The sale of Saab storage vehicles, however, seems to be a problem. Even if the bankruptcy trustees do not see it that way, the unfavorable exchange rate puts the sale into the eurozone. Good, however, it runs in Scandinavia.

The fact that you are looking for a specific car manufacturer, came through again and again. It would also be difficult to use the work for other interests. A Swedish consortium planned to make Trollhättan a logistics hub. The factory premises in the stableback were to become the centerpiece of this company. These plans are apparently off the table. Good is also rated that the Saab knowledge has remained in the region so far. The new owner would have access to the engineers because many former employees were hired by service providers.

Is it going well for Saab? Swedish friends confirm this. Bidders who would no longer be interested in the Saab package would have ended the talks at the latest in the last few days, would be no prospect of success. We would then have been able to track the exit in the Swedish press with a positive impact on the public. The negotiations cost time and, above all, a lot of money. Over 100 lawyers are involved in the “Saab” case. In addition, many auditors and investment bankers.

The next press conference will take place in April, in two weeks' time. Another indication that it is serious and probably will be confirmed for the first time names. So we have two weeks left to wait. More news will come when my desk is a little emptier.