SAAB News: Good Saab news for Germany

In December everything was gray on gray and it was a bad time for us Saab fans. Much has brightened up since then, and just in time for the start of spring, the situation appears in a friendlier light. Saab is on the right track and there is positive news for the Saab community today too.

Saab 9 3 Turbo X
Saab 9 3 Turbo X

It's about the guarantee and goodwill, three months ago we didn't even begin to dream of the latter issue. In Germany there is a solution for outstanding warranty issues. This includes not only the new vehicle extension guarantee in the third year, but also the remaining term of the suspended manufacturer guarantee.

By filing for bankruptcy on the 19. December 2012 was voided the manufacturer's warranty and not animated by the Saab administrators. Saab partners now have the option to take out warranty insurance for their customers through the Car Guarantee. Many Saab partners have already done this.

Saab Parts AB does not enter into the former manufacturer's warranty, if only because of the financial possibilities, but actively supports the Saab dealers. All Saab partners receive an additional bonus on the parts sales made for a limited period of time and thus a financial compensation. This support can be used for taking out warranty insurance.

Saab Germany Country Director Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher has reached this in negotiations with the Car Guarantee, a special dealer package, whose acceptance period had already expired, again until the 31. To revive March.

Goodwill theme. The fact that we cannot talk about goodwill again less than three months after “black December” speaks for itself. Actually madness. It shows how intensive work was done behind the scenes in Frankfurt. When asked by Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, he confirmed to me that the German branch of Saab Parts AB now has the opportunity to support the dealers in goodwill in the event of hardship. "Of course, our funds are very limited, but we will make every effort to support our dealers and customers and offer a solution," said Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher. This is very good news for the Saab drivers!

In January, Saab Parts AB had short-term supply agreements with German dealers until 31. Closed in March. The goal of offering open-ended contracts as of this date could not be met. Currently, new contracts are being drafted, which understandably takes more time, especially against the background that the question of how to proceed with Saab as a whole will be resolved in the short term. The German branch reacted to this and extended the current supply agreements to all Saab dealers up to the 30. September offered.

The sale of the car company will be completed by the autumn, and we will all see more clearly in the future. From October, I think, there will be permanent contracts.

A solution for the open warranty question, a goodwill offer for us Saab driver. Class !

There is more to report. A solution is emerging for Saab drivers in the Frankfurt area. The Saab Center Frankfurt, the only factory branch of the Swedes in Germany, will go through the phase of insolvency by the end of the month. It stands out in a seamless connection solution, in the known premises and with the proven competent workshop employees.

A good day for the brand and all good Saab news. ... if you ask me, it could go on!


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  • I was probably too happy about this seemingly good news. I immediately approached my Saab dealer, where I bought a new 2011-9 II in July 5, with reference to the message posted here, and today received this unsatisfactory information:
    Manufacturer's guarantee and also the follow-up guarantee for the 3rd year - which Saab no longer paid for - are void. After consulting with Car Garantie, there is an insurance offer from the third year, but no insurance as a replacement for the manufacturer's guarantee. In addition, the subsidization via Saab-Parts AB is ultimately of no interest to him as a dealer, since it only pays off once the purchase of spare parts is unreally high.

    So I am obviously still without any guarantee or is there otherwise otherwise positive findings in the blog?

    • You probably had bad luck with your dealer, who has probably said goodbye to the brand. Here in Franconia, both I and a friend have had different experiences. Both SAAB dealers have taken out the remaining warranty for year 2 and the connection warranty via car warranty. Don't know if you can give names? Lower Franconia and Upper Franconia - as a hint 😉
      When asked, my opinion was self-evident. For one, the dealer is in warranty obligation, on the other hand he wants to keep me as a customer. He sees the support of Saab Parts as a symbolic grant that made him happy. He would have completed the insurance as well.
      Ultimately, it is up to the dealer, what he makes of it.

  • Really good news. A great achievement - only three months after the bankruptcy there is goodwill and a guarantee solution again. Thanks to Mr. Schuhmacher and be a team!

  • This is good news from the northern neighbor and a silver lining on the SAAB horizon. Of course, would be great if the representation in Germany supports other countries. In Switzerland and apparently also in Austria, there is no more SAAB representation. (?) But that does not spoil my enjoyment of the product at all.
    Many greetings from Switzerland and confidence

  • ... and in Austria?

  • Thanks to Saab Germany & JP Schuhmacher!
    The goodwill promise given before the bankruptcy for my defective control unit was kept - after the bankruptcy, mind you!

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