SAAB News: The ambitious plans of Lotus Youngman

In Sweden it's quiet about Saab, at least on the surface. Time for us to take a look at the potential buyer from China. So far we only knew from Youngman rather unattractive small cars in the low price segment. Youngman wants more. The Youngman Group's website already reveals a lot about the plans.

Youngman Lotus APX SUV
Youngman Lotus APX SUV

Some links don't work, but that's the normal state for Chinese companies. Websites are almost always 90% stories, i.e. open construction sites, perfect appearances like in the West are the exception. It can only be answered on site whether the Youngman works shown really exist or not. A “European Automobil City” has been planned for months - but still under construction. We do not know what is behind it. Youngman goes West, either way. So it seems - with or without Saab.

The product range of the Chinese will be upgraded. Under the Lotus Youngman brand, an ambitious SUV, which is developed with the partner Lotus. Actually it should celebrate its premiere 2012 with the possible lotus sale, which is denied again and again, could be a delay. Saab would be just in time to fill the potential development gap.

Youngman Lotus APX Spyshot
Youngman Lotus APX Spyshot

The Porsche Cayenne is the measure of all things, the mother of all SUVs in China. And of course the SUV aims, originally as “Lotus APX study”Born in 2006, on the Porsche. In addition to the rather boring bread-and-butter engines bought from Mitsubishi, there could be a prestigious Bi-Turbo V6 from Lotus Quelle. The should then produce 300 hp and catapult the SUV forward with a torque of 360 NM.

Even more prestigious, of course, would be an SUV with the Saab Griffin on the hood. The Chinese in the megacities are crazy about lifestyle off-road vehicles, especially from European brands. The Saab 9-4x would not have gone to Europe or the United States for the most part. The largest share was already pre-ordered by Pang Da for the market in China. If it had not stopped production, Saab would not have slipped into insolvency, then the Saab production share in Mexico from the fall of 2011 would have been fully met.

Unfortunately, the Chinese specifications did not grab it for production start. Thus, the Saab 9-4x remained a very exclusive product with minimal quantities. Insiders speak of three-digit production figures. One of these exclusive vehicles is to be converted to European requirements in the Taunus.

SUVs are a trend in China, and the Lotus Youngman strategy is clearly in the premium segment. Today you still build small cars, then middle class, and at some point you have plants in Europe. That's the big plan. There are still worlds between desire and reality. The SUV from Youngman is just a step, we should not be fooled. Saab Know How could help to achieve ambitious goals faster.

When Mahindra comes in the end and buys Saab, then it is a setback for the Chinese, but not a catastrophe. Very pragmatically, one would look for a new partner to bring the SUV on the market. That's for sure.



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    Oh, but now I quickly pricked up my ears when it came to Taunus! Less because of the beautiful area, but of course because of the 9-4X. I myself ordered a 9-4X a year ago after the car fair in Geneva, but for known reasons it never reached me or my wife for whom I had ordered it. After that I had intensive contact with dealers in the USA and already good offers including shipping to Europe. Only my questions about a possibly necessary conversion of radio, navigation and speedometer have remained unanswered to this day ......

    Maybe you can find out what has to be done now and with what effort. Then I could, against all reason in terms of spare parts, but still decide.

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    Hello Joachim;

    the contribution runs on 01.April (Attention no joke: o) from 17: 00 clock on Vox.

    LG Mark

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    Hello dear Tom,

    was the reportage from the SAAB car dealership Etehad, which was supposed to be aired on VOX, already available or is the broadcast planned soon?

    A broadcast time after Mahindra & Mahindra or Youngman-Lotus (or a completely different corporation ..) struck would be a bit strange in terms of the content of the report - because in terms of content, there is certainly also speculation about possible investors and if the name of the investor is in the The next few weeks it is certain that the entire article would no longer be up to date.

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