SAAB News: Cheap wheels for Sweden and call back at Volvo

Update: 28.03.12 10: 12

The Swedes are better off. ANA in Trollhättan has acquired pallets of rims and tires from the Saab factory, which are now being sold to customers at very competitive rates. For example, a rim set of the Saab Independence Cabriolet costs only 4780 crowns. The regular price for a rim at 3480 crowns.

For just over 550 € will get a complete set of wheels of the two-color Saab rim. Crazy prices. Perhaps a German Saab partner can be found, which ANA buys a larger contingent and then sells it to the community. Dealers in Germany have ordered rims, we are happy to arrange a contact. Please inquire by mail to:

If you want, you can try ordering directly from ANA. Either via the ANA website (already tried but without reaction) or via a special e-mail address found out by Saabsunited's friends.

Now take a quick look at the other car manufacturer in Sweden. This comes to light at Volvo, which has been talked about for some time behind closed doors. In Gothenburg, the red pencil has been ruling for some time, and it seems that cost optimization is being attempted. Now, Volvo 115.000 is recalling vintage 2012 cars. Affected are the models S60, S80, XC60, XC70, V60 and V70.

An airbag cable under the front seats can come loose if you frequently move the seats back and forth. When asked whose fault it is, Volvo spokesman Per-Ake Froberg replies evasively. "No matter whose fault it is, it is our responsibility," he told the press. We know better and the Volvo world has been with us for weeks. The cables are simply too short.

For a few cents of profit optimization, the security pioneer from Gothenburg offers the customers a bad compromise. Not good, especially not if you actively advertise the safety of its vehicles.

So you don't necessarily need GM if you want to damage your reputation. But it helps a lot to be a GM daughter to ruin your reputation. Then you can fight as much as you want, the Americans themselves ensure a negative press. First at Saab, now at Opel. With the article “Save, close, scrounge”The mirror has brought the situation to the point. The beginning of another traditional brand. There's nothing to add here.

Back to the Swedes. Unlike Saab, at least cars are built in Gothenburg. It's pretty quiet around our favorite maker, and it's likely to stay the same for the rest of the month. We should consider the peace as a positive signal, because behind the Vohängen normalized and stabilized much.

We are now approaching the first anniversary of the production stop or rather the start of on / off production. The beginning of a drama.

We and the dealers of the brand from Sweden have been loyal to the brand for a year now. We buy new or used Saabs, purchase accessories from Saab partners, and attend Saab meetings. We are loyal. We deserve good news.



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    have contacted ANA and it works great, answer super fast! They accept orders and ship to Germany. independence 18 ° rims with 225 tires for 11080 SEK, so about 1250 euro. that is a true bargain inclusive shipping.

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    great thanks for all the tips!

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    Hello saabcabriolover,
    are BBS rims, ie the CS wheel in black. Saab or tire dealers should be able to help you here.

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    hi tom,
    if a German dealer finds the rim sets shop please publish the same in the blog so we all come to the great indepence rims. they just look great!

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      The guys from ANA are in the process of getting the international shipping up and running. Please be patient if it takes a while to get answers, but both the amount of rims and parts purchased and the number of inquiries from all over the world keep the team rotating.

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      You have mail…

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    Hi Tom,
    First of all, after a while again, thank you very much for your daily work !!!
    My highest respect for this effort !!
    Keep it up. Me, we need these messages to our favorite brand.
    Greetings from Thuringia to the Saab community;

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