SAAB News: Electric dreams and a blog sponsorship concept

There is little to know about the Japanese / Chinese consortium offering Saab. The future for Saab is to be electric, which is a daring speculation. Because so far the great breakthrough of electric cars is missing. The acclaimed Chevrolet Volt is following its sales targets in the US, which are in unreachable distance.

The Nissan Leaf, supposedly the best electric car currently available, also flops. In England, 2011 units of the Leaf were sold in 635. The e-mobility business is not without risks. Even the Rolls Royce among battery cars, the Fisker Karma, is struggling with the pitfalls of technology. The batteries are bought from different manufacturers. With the batteries from A123, which can also be found in German hybrid manufacturers, the range shrinks to 50% of the factory specification due to an error. Now is exchanged, the image damage is there. Success doesn't look like that.

For the electric car consortium Just Auto quotes some details from an unexplained source. The bidders should be solid, have a lot of capital and have an aggressive offer for Saab on the table. That's it with the details of the paid Postille.

The bidders are probably too early a decade or two. Because without conventional car manufacturing you will not be able to operate the factory in Sweden. In a week is press conference of the administrators, then is expected to News.

No daydreaming is the daily business of Saab Parts AB. This is based on hard facts, such as a functioning service network. The daughter in Britain is continuously expanding the network of bases. Now you could win two other contractors, so that now 88 workshops on the island take care of the Saab drivers.

At the end of the month there is a lot going on on our blog. With a stable 150.000 visitors, has been the most important blog in the German-speaking area for a long time. We thought about what we could do with it - in a positive way. It's not about the author and his income, because the blog is a pure hobby or just a “Swedish passion”.

After a long decision-making phase, we have developed a sponsoring concept, which we implement together with selected Saab partners. In the future, there will be only Saab advertising on the blog, which disappears Google advertising with some impossible impressions. There will be no more displays in the future like Opel or other brands.

The participating Saab partners will receive an exclusive and limited advertising platform that could not be more targeted. You pay a fee for that, which definitely will not go to our account. The funds go directly to a good cause.

We continue to blog for a cause that deserves our support, the dealers help us, and we all work together to make our world a little bit better.

I think that fits very well with the claim of the Saab brand and the Saab community. Details about our new concept, which readers can also participate in, will be available in the next few days.



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  • I look forward to the details of the blog concept. But please do not present in the context of a weekly press conference - preferably on Tuesday - only a bit without content

  • blank

    At the moment we should primarily "illuminate" the aggressive bid for SAAB automobiles.

    I am assuming that at least 1 well-known automotive company is part of this consortium - the plant utilization in Trollhättan would certainly also be an issue here. You should then at least expect a conventional series of SAAB automobiles in addition to the focused electric vehicles.

    Ultimately, of course, this investor also wants to make a profit as quickly as possible - and this is only possible if you get a certain number of units. With E. vehicles alone, this would probably not be feasible in the next few years.

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    150.000 a month is 5000 a day, and I look at 2x purely = 2.500 a day

    • blank

      ... so I check it out at least 5 times a day, mostly even 10 times with a total of 3 computers (home, work, smartphone) ...

      • blank

        Every evening, but for sure! Because without it does not work. 😉

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    if there are actually 150.000 visitors, then there are quite a few 1,2,3-fold Saab owners.
    The only thing that comes to mind, let us buy stocks when the time comes. We could theoretically bid too, with a thousand of each og we would be pretty serious.
    abroad where I am currently staying, Saabine is called "the bride" because you can never get rid of her. The Saabs have an enormous image, comparable to other noble bodies.

    • blank

      Saturday is Bieterschluss, we are too late

      @ Tom: Social commitment, I think great! Great idea! Which dealers are involved?

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