SAAB review: First driving impressions Saab Turbo X

He is black. He is loud. He Is hard. And to make matters worse, he also drinks. This is not an article for people who choose their car according to the criteria of "resource conservation and CO2 emissions". We write about the Saab Turbo X. If you drive home with Saab late in the evening after a long day at the office, you will be greeted by a glowing boost pressure indicator in the dark car. "Hello, I'm already here, start me". The turbo is already glowing - symbolically.

Saab Turbo X boost pressure indicator, bright reception at night
Saab Turbo X boost pressure indicator, bright reception at night

After the start, the six-cylinder turbo falls into a hoarse, snotty cold run. At the latest now, the security service and the cleaning staff know that we have endured a particularly long time in the office today. What a feat is ... because the Saab Turbo X is waiting! It is a particularly emotional product. Driving Saab is fun. He wants to get out - on the highway!

The first few meters the four-wheel drive Saab feels awkward and stiff. Like an athlete who has to warm up carefully. At least on the highway, he is in his element. Unlimited roads or overland routes are the domain of the Saab. With a martial roar he boarded the highway, the all-wheel system with eLSD transforms the Swede at full acceleration in a Hecktriebler. About 90% of the power flows to the rear axle.

Other road users are confused on the compact station wagon. The drivers of German premium brands suck on the first contact almost to the bumper in order to dwell after the first acceleration orgy in the future at a respectful distance. The Saab is fast, no question. You are sovereign motorized, and he is a lot of fun. Instead of traveling by ICE, you suddenly drive voluntarily in the car for a business meeting.

Saab Turbo X meets Saab 9000
Saab Turbo X meets Saab 9000

With consequences for the company's own fuel card. The controller suddenly tends to have a heart attack, because the Turbo X brings an old saying to a new level: "Turbo runs, Turbo drinks". From 13 liters on 100 km everything is possible. Best super plus, of course. But if you look at the bill, you've just bought the wrong car. The Saab is a toy for the big boys.

The Turbo X has a firm suspension, but not uncomfortable. In the particularly good seats covered with semi-anilline leather, you can easily survive the 1.000 kilometers Frankfurt - Hamburg and back in one day. The preferred travel speed is between 160 and 180 km / h, if traffic permits. The six-cylinder, basically a traditional unit from Holden, develops a sonorous, pleasant sound. So you can travel relaxed.

Exhaust system Turbo X
Exhaust system Turbo X

You don't always have to be fast or noisy in the Turbo X. With the well-tuned 6-speed automatic, you can whisper quietly through residential areas - if you want. But the Turbo X is unreasonable. He challenges. The Saab belongs to a genus of cars that don't seem to fit our times and that we still love so much. It fits into the pack of fun makers from Zuffenhausen, Munich and Ingolstadt.

Saab was at the forefront with unreasonable cars. Saab 99 Turbo, Saab 900 Turbo 16 S. Everything more than a felt eternity ago. How far Saab has meanwhile moved away from the subject of emotional cars is evident in city traffic. At the traffic lights, the Swede bounces amused in the idle, and the passers-by are desperately looking for the sound source. The looks wander confused between the BMW in front of the Saab and the Gulf behind the Saab back and forth. The Saab has no one on the list.

Saab Turbo X
Saab Turbo X

Just as confused are the neighbors, if you park the Saab in front of the house. No one suspects that under the hood almost 300 PS live. The Saab is far from any envy factor.

After a night flight over the highway the Saab crackles, just like we know it from the old turbos. The Turbo X is supposed to be the homage to the 900 Turbo 16 S, says Saab. Whether he really is, we still have to clarify. With summer tires and strengthened on 300 PS. We should also talk about the potential that the Turbo X would have had with a little more care from Trollhättan. This is an exciting chapter.

One thing is already clear. I've been driving Saab for exactly 20 years. My first Saab 1992 was black, loud, hard and thirsty. Like the Turbo X. Both with tremendous fun factor. 20 years Saab and not a bit sensible. Seen this way, the circle closes.

If the Turbo X was my last Saab, there would be no new cars in the future, that would be sad. But a great completion of a passion.


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  • Sach ma, is it still 🙂 completely new side to you - rennsau etc - very amused your "old" friend

  • 901 16s is still missing, 9000aero has moved 240.000km, it's still running for fun and cab 9-3 also has turbo + deer,

    Greetings back and nice weekends! 🙂

  • Premium cars blow… .. acceleration orgy with respectful distance… .. my goodness, do you need that?

  • In the end it doesn't matter ... whether with or without, the main thing is SAAB! 😉

    But most of the innovations in the engines were mostly the combination with 4 cylinders and the air wheel ...

    Up until now we had 9000CSE, 9000AERO, 9000CD, 2 x 9-5 and 9-3 convertibles ... and always with turbo ... very chic ... mostly with a deer, just not the AERO ... it doesn't need it either! 😉

    Drive a 9000AERO ... that's Turbo ... or 900/1 16S very hot ...

    Have a good trip all the time ... and always greetings !!! 😉

  • Well I did not want to deepen it, but if you give me such a template!

    I became aware of saab through three things (and also exactly in the order):

    1. safety
    2. great equipment
    3. performance like a sports car (ok there was the turbo)

    the first saab had no turbo and possibly the turbo overshoots with the further development. did not write it above, but saab is innovation. The Saabe 92-97 was full of innovations even without turbo

    my first saab was an i so no turbo and my current is not a turbo and no innovation, but he was fun even without end! :-))

  • SAAB is TURBO !!!! otherwise I agree with you!

    V8 and SAAB ... old Swede ... 😉

  • oh mega ... I'm looking forward to Easter even more! 😉

  • ... well, may I ask !!, the bubbling belongs to my 9-7x V8! 😉, ok, nice report. Apart from that, I also find the V8 wonderfully unreasonable as well as the cab and actually our aero9k.
    On the other hand, there are many things that are much more unreasonable, for example. to sway hordes of renters on heavy oil-fired ships across the sea, to fly national army staff to afgahnistan, to christmas shopping in NY, or to bavarian milk to mc-pomm in the milchhof and turned over-to build barrows or canals and airports that nobody uses.

    so don't be misled whether I sign “saab is turbo” I don't know, saab is definitely driving fun! saab is luxury without envy!

  • I'm working on further reports and have “test drive appointments” in May 😉 Your Easter present will be in the mail tomorrow!

  • Very cool report… .that reminds me of the 9000AERO… all the “great cars” have screwed their teeth… when the turbo started and the coal box flew off… and these seats… 😉
    Please more of these reports!

    And please leave SAAB alone with the electric crap ... SAAB is TURBO !!!! 😉

  • TTiD without deer is a bit good, that's true. But with… 🙂

  • I did not drive the TurboX, but the 180PS TTiD, and it disappointed me at that time.
    He was just too gentle. You accelerate and, without realizing it, you drive 200, it's nice, but that's where my problem lies, you do not realize it, no roar from the engine, no sudden boost from the turbo. Certainly a good car, but too soft for my taste.

  • Hello Tom
    Easter is going to Denmark. 1000 km awesome turbo-x blubber. After your article, I'm looking forward to the journey even more.
    And from Hamburg to Flensburg will still blow a few premium cars.

    Keep up the good work Tom

  • The feeling described here, the experience I can only confirm!
    For me is a little more, but really only a little bit, reason in the game:
    The engine is the TTiD with 180 diesel PS and 400 Nm torque!
    Certainly not as sensible as a Golf or A3, but with viiiieeeel driving pleasure and just the typical SAAB feeling in the interior.
    The beautiful sound is of course not available here - everything else is correct!

  • Hi Tom,
    written very emotional, great! But is also a great car.
    I wish you a good trip.
    Yesterday on my nocturnal 9.3 Vector the summer wheels on it, then complete care inside and outside, since it can be Ostern.Er looks after 7 years still like new. Especially I love the bright sports seats.

  • TurboX - one car, thousands of emotions from extremely cool to extremely hard. This is a car with special features, as it were, a wolf in sheep's clothing. Tom is looking forward to the summer he is even more grippy and transfers the power better to the road 🙂

    “Oh yes, a Saab” and a slight smile, no even a pitiful smile from colleagues, I know that too. You will lose this at the latest when the engine starts for the first time and the V6 unit starts to glugger the exhaust plays a hammer sound, yes that is stick and no, I haven't tuned it (yet). [At this point there might be a small request like a comparison deer vs. Maptun?]

    I love this car and am always happy when other road users do not take me seriously and then experience their black wonder on the highway (also in Switzerland).

    Furthermore, always free highways and good ride, yes 13L 100km, well, and I have a huge smile on my face

    Tom keep it up and stay with the Saab community you're an important pillar of our fanbase.



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