SAAB Day: Spring is here and hunting season on Saab driver

Winter is over, at least on the calendar, and spring has been palpable in the past few days. Not only the season for classic cars and youngtimers starts in April, the time for winter tires is over - at least in the lowlands. In addition, other non-Saab roommates on our site also report back from the winter break.

Back from the winter break - but definitely does not drive Saab - but would like
Back from the winter break - but definitely does not drive Saab - but would like

Our Turbo X is now on summer tires and also the Saab 9-5 looks somehow better with Anniversary rims. Saab number 3, my wife's Saab 9-3 has to wait, the summer tires and rims come directly from Sweden. 🙂

Not quite without a trace, the winter passed on our Saab 9-5. After being exchanged twice on Gund von Steinschlag's headlights on the passenger side, the chrome goggles have become fatigued.

In the worst frost, a connector has given up, so that now a small gap has arisen. Annoying but not to change.

A good reason to exchange the glasses for a more subtle, matt chrome part of Hirsch Performance.

Saab 9-5 and Turbo X, now with summer tires
Saab 9-5 and Turbo X, now with summer tires

In the spring the hunting fever seems to wake up. The car market is weakening, time to look for a gap. After friends had told me about targeted calls in the past few days, the day had come for our company as well. The representative of a premium manufacturer from the south, who is reading along, called for "..our Saabs ...". After the car manufacturers from Trollhättan no longer existed, a brand change would be announced. Right?

Since one was well informed about our Saab inventory, it is reasonable to assume that one has bought the corresponding data and would like to open up a new target group. Of course, our “fleet manager” declined.

Presumably, there are particularly good leasing or payment terms, if you change the brand now as a corporate customer. However, no other brand is up for debate, at least not for the foreseeable future.

Today I was on the and had an interview. At the end of the conversation with a “Saab startup” I asked my partner if he believed in the future of Saab. "As long as a light is on in Trollhättan, I see the future ..." was the answer. The Saab light is on, and it is currently burning more and more.

There is therefore no reason to change the brand, because what we have heard from Sweden in the last few days is positive. We just need - as always - patience.







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  • For me, here is always advertised only for BMW and for children's products, which are probably the cookies, because we have a baby

    Saab lasts forever, and that's a good thing, especially in the special case when the cars “hold out” a few years longer. Our youngest is now 9 years old (9-5 2,2 TiD) and our oldest is already 13 (9-3 2,0i Coupé), but they hold out.

    • The Google advertising definitely says goodbye to us this weekend.

    • Moin Moin, the umlauts are gone ... Startups = new service partners for Saab.

      • Moin Tom.

        Ahh, great.
        The first image is now displayed, the second is not yet.üehling-2.jpg

        And as I can see right now, you also have these annoying "problems" with daylight saving time (time for comments).
        I'm annoying for example just with my Fritz! Box about .. which is also (until 01 April) an hour too late.
        As if this had been introduced for the first time this year ... the providers can't do it properly ... 😉 ;-(

        New service partners?
        Uiii ... great! 🙂

        Incidentally, I'm really looking forward to the Vox report the coming days!

        • I think you get a contract as a system administrator 😉 You have to adjust the time manually - done. All “umlauts” are out of the picture, if it doesn't work now, yes then ... I'm also looking forward to Vox, because I haven't seen anything beforehand. Hmm

          • Sorry, I'm calm.
            Am Jungfrau and that beats off now and then too hard!

            First of all, drink a relaxing espresso…. 🙂

            • Yes, we are just perfectionists ... 🙂

  • because of brand change! Why do other brands advertise around the Saabblog? It's interesting to see what types of the other makes are advertised alongside the blog, as the competitors so Saab car and assess their drivers.

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