SAAB News: Saab Economic Headlines in Sweden

Saab has once again appeared in the economic parts of the Swedish press. It's not about current developments, it's about the shadows of the past. The old conflict between Victor Muller and Guy Lofalk smolders on and gets a new, criminal component.

Victor Muller
Victor Muller

Currently, it is about the compensation that Lofalk received while working as Saab administrator during the unsuccessful reconstruction phase. Victor Muller speaks of 1.2 millions of € SWAN wants to have paid to Guy Lofalk. The payment becomes explosive and piquant due to the fact that SWAN (Swedish Automobile) could only pay this amount through a loan from Saab Automobile AB. On the 6. September, one day before the filing of the Reconstruction Proposal, the accounts of the Saab Automobile AB 17 poured millions of kroner into the account of the chronically clammy Saab owner. The next day, Muller drove to Vänersborg and made the request.

The discussion whether the 2 million € should belong to the bankruptcy estate, is in full swing in Sweden. It is fired by the insolvency administrators who agree with this. Also, the question of whether it could be criminally relevant for the Saab Board and Muller, if a non-solvent company issues a loan to the mother.

Maybe Guy Lofalk should have to repay the money, whether the amount of remuneration was justified is either way a long-discussed topic. For us it is not important, it is the aftershocks of the past of the short era Lofalk and Victor Muller.

Surely the topic will keep the press busy and probably there is a lot of job potential waiting for courts and lawyers.

Anyway, there are more important things in life than the trench battles between Muller and Lofalk. Enjoy the evening, the family and your Saabs. Keep on Saabing on take care!