SAAB Video: The last Saab leave the factory in the Stallbacka

In Trollhättan, too, an era is coming to an end, not only in Frankfurt. The last Saabs are taken from the belts and brought to final assembly in a hall rented by ANA. The first Saab 9-5 and 9-3, relatively complete. leave the factory now. With each subsequent transport, the vehicles will be less and less complete.

The last Saabs are taken from the factory
The last Saabs are taken from the factory

Because the vehicles are first fetched from the final part of the assembly lines. Four former Saab employees then complete the cars. TTELA TV has documented the removal. Although traditions end in Trollhättan and Frankfurt, Saab Story is sure to continue. The signals from Sweden are and remain positive, no reason to fall into mourning. Next week there will be a press conference of the administrators and hopefully facts will finally come to the table for the public.


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  • I would like to have such a Griffin apron!

  • My friend has said that the conversion to GRIFFIN would be easy. Maybe someone knows something? Tom?

  • Yes, but you do not get the parts so ran ... More than the part number from the grill I have not got so far or is it finally available?

    • If someone sometimes has price information on the parts, synonymous with it gladly

  • yes and they are red (picture above) like my ...

  • Hi Tom,
    is there a broadcast date for the Vox report now?

    • Hello Peter,

      allegedly the broadcast on VOX on Sunday (broadcast from 17.00 clock) take place.

      I hope that not only is there "complained" and hopefully the next real events will take a different direction as soon as possible!

      Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

      • Thank you Joachim! That's the way it is, tomorrow comes another hint on the blog. No one complained about us, on the contrary. We will see what the editorial team has made of it.

  • The red ones are definitely part of the 9-3 "Midsommar" special edition ....

    • Unfortunately not. Unfortunately, the SAAB Midsommar Edition did not make it to production anymore.

      • Well, these are not finished yet ....

  • If I always read that - the last of the tape. Please, how many unfinished Saabs were there? That must have been the total chaos of having the cars half-finished on the tapes and even having started the production startup.
    Would know what was going on there the last time and how and what was still produced, whether it was only assembled after existing parts or really even after orders. Find that somehow exciting what must have been there for a fighting spirit!

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