SAAB TV: VOX Auto Mobil - A steadfast Saab dealer

On Sunday it's on. Our VOX article about the dealership Etehad in Halstenbek goes on the air. We already had that over recording date reported in February. Etehad was previously in the Autobild with his statement “pro Saab” and now the contribution that is supposed to express the fighting spirit for our brand comes on VOX.

Since February, a lot has happened in Sweden. Saab's aftermarket business is getting better week by week, and the prospects for continuing the brand have brightened noticeably.

Am Sunday from 17.00 p.m. the time has come. We haven't seen the post, which is supposed to be about 5 minutes long, before. Only then will we see whether the editors have made a positive report out of our positive statements. So we're just as excited as the rest of the community. Besides Masoud Etehad, he is the main character, as well as some fans and customers. Does our "Saab Spirit" come across well? Let us surprise!


14 thoughts on "SAAB TV: VOX Auto Mobil - A steadfast Saab dealer"

  • I really liked a nice good day from Celle the Beitag and because there is no more Saab dealer with me, the idea to come to the house once to come to them!
    Mfl Greeting Michael.D

  • Clean thing! The boys in Sweden should put Tom on the Payroll for the NEW SAAB!

  • Congratulations on this report! How the world is made of Saab came well over. And the commitment of Mr. Etehad is always felt in HH! Maintenance of my 9-3 AERO TTiD ONLY in Halstenbeck!
    May the good news about SAAB go on ......

  • Congratulations.

    Nice report, good presentation!
    Etehad and “Saabblog” came across as personable and positive, but still factual and “sufficiently neutral”. 🙂

    The report could have been much longer for Saab fans, of course.

    I would like to have a few comments from Vox but not yet def. End or possibly future of Saab desired.

  • I also liked the report, great action!

  • Top! Thanks to Mr. Etehad to Tom and the whole team!

  • Well done! Very good contribution! Thank you!

  • Congratulations to all involved !!

    That was really great!

  • Good appearance - unfortunately a bit short.

  • The Saab feeling came over very well !!!

  • I can only associate myself with. A nice report !!!

  • a real great report, I think

  • Great report !!!

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