SAAB News: The hottest Saab prospects according to TTELA

It has become quiet around the possible Saab buyers. The next press conference of the Administrators Trio will take place on Tuesday. The local newspaper in Trollhättan, always a reliable source of information, names the hottest prospects in the race for Saab.

There is the unknown consortium from Japan and China, whose Chinese part is supposed to be an energy supplier according to our information. Representatives of the interest group are said to have met with Saab supplier companies and are working seriously on a concept for the takeover. Mahindra & Mahindra should also do very well in the race.

That almost coincides with our information from Stockholm. The prospects for the survival of the Saab brand and the continuation of automobile production in Trollhättan appear favorable. You don't hear anything about the long-term bidder Youngman, so the silence in the forest is the order of the day. According to Swedish friends, the prospective buyer from India, Mahindra & Mahindra, is said to have increased its bid considerably in the past week. The Indians seem to be slowly taking on the role of favorites.

On Tuesday there will be teleconference of the administrators. Maybe we'll hear more then.


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  • I hope the whole story has its hand and feet. Would be really great if Saab were saved. With a beer on it ... ..we are many, we are Saab.

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    A switch to the production of mainly electric cars in Trollhättan is unlikely to be successful - there is simply not enough demand for this type of vehicle on the world market.

    Hopefully, the trio of trustees will not be adversely affected by any fantasies of Swedish politicians.

    If the large Indian corporation Mahindra & Mahindra presented a good offer, I would in any case trust these people to have considerably more positive potential than if, for example, BAIC / PANASONIC started a test with electric cars.

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    if Mahindra should work like Tata did with Jaguar and Landrover, the Saab brand would be saved

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    please dearer higher powers, let it be Mahindra @ Mahindra and not SAAB not become the plaything of the exploiting People's Republic!

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    ... somehow I have the best feeling about Mahindra & Mahindra!
    In the past there were enough castles in the air - now a buyer has to work to get SAAB up and running again with a realistic concept ...

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