SAAB TV: VOX Car Mobile with Saab Post online now!

The current VOX Auto Mobil broadcast is now online and available on the web. The Saab review starts at Minute 27.30. I think the short post shows very well our Saab spirit and is positive for the brand from Trollhättan. Our thanks, of course, primarily to Masoud Etehad, whose professionalism was always impressive.

Mark Wegewitz, Tom Knecht and Masoud Etehad in Vox Auto Mobil
Mark Wegewitz, Tom Knecht and Masoud Etehad in Vox Auto Mobil

Of course also to Andreas and Mark for their commitment to the brand with the griffin and to Anne Knüpfer and the Vox editorial team. We have shown that the traditional brand lives from Sweden, that the dealers are based in Saab and that the supply of spare parts is guaranteed. Mission accomplished, I would say!


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    Hey Big Tom, what`s that been a cool show of you on Vox :-)) ', full of TV pro or?
    Salutation soon, HH

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      Thanks for the info.



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    can only confirm, Etehad company is just great, my first 9-5 I bought there better is not. It fits everything.

    Another topic, someone can tell me what currently costs E 85 in Sweden.

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    Very nice contribution ... such a fan is probably only available from SAAB!

    and Tom ... please, where were you excited ??? 😉 You can apply to the topics of the day !!! 😉

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      Hey Alex, I was excited, believe me ... 🙂

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        No trace to be seen ... the new Ullrich Wickert !!! 😉

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    I saw it yesterday too: A really successful report that showed how customers, dealers and fans feel about your brand!
    Very nice and especially important was that it was finally said that SAAB parts is not affected! Unfortunately, this has never been explicitly mentioned and additionally unsettled.

    From my own experience, I can only say that you are in good hands as a SAAB driver at the ETEHAD dealership! A great crew, who stands with heart and soul to SAAB!


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      .... can only join me !!! The longest way is worth it.

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    Nice swipe towards the German press & reporting. Good contribution!

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    Recently the first time at Etehad (and about 1-2 hours away) because of a little something.

    I was very enthusiastic about the service - very friendly (also to "foreign customers" and in advance without obligation on the phone), very pleasant atmosphere.

    Great dealer - will be the first point of contact for me the next time I buy a new one (hopefully it will also be available with new Saabs)!

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    Good contribution to prime time - but would have liked to have been a little longer!

    Masoud Etehad has shown very impressively that there is still great potential in the brand!

    I also hope, along with a large number of other SAAB enthusiasts, that Mahindra & Mahindra will take over the helm.

    Incidentally, I discovered on the Internet that an electric car is already being produced there. In my opinion, it can only work that way - ie the new owner of SAAB-Automobile could of course also offer an electric vehicle in addition to conventional vehicles. However, that only E. vehicles are to be offered (as apparently with the Japanese-Chinese investor) would be too risky - the demand for such cars is simply not sufficient at the moment.

    So fingers crossed for the Indians !!!!

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