SAAB News: We welcome Saab-Service-Frankfurt

The Saab Center Frankfurt is past and at the same time the end of a long tradition in the banking metropolis. But there is also good news! It continues at the long-standing location in Frankfurt-Fechenheim, with a lot of Saab competence. The newly founded Ratzmann Automobil GmbH offers service for Saab drivers under the name “Saab-Service-Frankfurt”.

Saab Service Frankfurt
Saab Service Frankfurt

Saab Service for current and classic Saabs is offered in the rear workshop section of the extensive grounds. 6 jobs have been rescued from the bankruptcy of the Saab Center, ensuring a certain degree of continuity among contact persons and workshop staff.

Gerard Ratzmann, the founder of the Saab startup and long-time workshop manager at the Saab Center, looks back on more than 20 years of Saab experience and Saab passion. As head of the former Saab Competence Center in Frankfurt, he is a kind of “supreme authority” when it comes to technical problems with vehicles from Trollhättan.

I had a very personal interview with him last week, talking about his love of the Swedish brand and the courage to be self-employed. The interview will be published on the blog in the next few days.

Ratzmann Automobil GmbH has taken over the workshop equipment and the extensive spare parts warehouse as well as the customer register of the Saab center. In the service area, another long-standing and competent contact person is on board with Mr. Hartung.

The usual telephone numbers, the extension to the service consultant and the workshop have been retained, the service acceptance and the customer zone move to the back of the building.

“Saab Service Frankfurt” has been an official service partner of Saab Parts AB from day one, an important fact. Saab Country Director Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher and Saab After Sales Manager Michael Helfer committed early on to a corresponding contract for the start-up. For us as customers, this means: access to original spare parts, help desks, updates and online diagnostics for the server in Trollhättan.

A new company is being built in a traditional location. Saab expertise from the Saab classic to the latest models.

With Saab the step into self-employment - in the current situation? The Saab Center has a customer database with 2.500 Saab drivers, a solid foundation that should support. In an interview, I asked Gerard Ratzmann how brave it really is to start your own company. The answer will come in one of the next posts.

In Frankfurt it goes on, which is great. We wish Gerard Ratzmann and his team all the best with the new company!


2 thoughts on "SAAB News: We welcome Saab-Service-Frankfurt"

  • It's nice that there are now such little messages that make us SAAB fans positive! As long as we have the support we have in Frankfurt and Halstenbek, things will continue somehow - THANK YOU!

  • For someone who knew only the friendly and competent Saab staff in the last 40 years, that is a ray of sunshine in the somewhat gloomy months of the current Saab story. Hopefully a signal to stand firmly to our cult brand.
    Good luck and success for Mr. Ratzmann, Mr. Hartung and the whole team of Saab-Service-Frankfurt

    Achim naumann

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