SAAB News: Mandatory bids for Saab after Easter

Update: 10: 50

The press conference of the Saab administrators is finished, the next will follow only in 14 days. The final inventory and asset listing of Saab Automobile AB is almost done and will be released on Tuesday after Easter.

On the same day, the last binding offers for the car group should be available. Then the door is closed for possible buyers. The extension was necessary due to the complexity of the procedure, but is now final. It is already clear that the Saab liabilities amount to an estimated 13 billion crowns, whereas the assets are only a fraction of them.

All more or less known bidders should still be on board. Hans Berqvist, the Saab administrator, today spoke of a handful of potential buyers. This coincides with the known information. All interested parties who are still on board, more or less want to continue the car industry in Trollhättan.

Whether the new owners want to build on the Saab tradition directly, ie to resume the construction of the Saab 9-3 Griffin models, there was no comment. The past few days have repeatedly speculated about the construction of electric cars in Trollhättan. A speculation that is just a speculation. Because not only the two possible electrical consortia, but all bidders are in contact with the government in Stockholm. All were assured assistance within the possibilities.

Another topic is GM. All Saab buyers are in contact with the former Saab owner. There are negotiations going on, but there are no details. First and foremost, it is about the use of the production facilities that run with GM's own software. The use of the Saab Automobile AB was licensed only for a certain period of time, through the bankruptcy of the contracts have expired. Another of the many mines that GM has built into the Saab sale.

Secondly, the talks are about the supply of components to bring the 9-3 back on the road. However, you do not really need GM, other solutions are also possible. Because the Saab 9-3 is fortunately a real Saab with DNA owned by Trollhättan.

In summer, the Saab sale, as a complete group, to be completed. A good Swedish friend involved in the matter became more concrete in the last few days. He expects a dry ink on the contracts in the month of June.

Critical will be the next 14 days. If the binding commandments are present, fate decides. If the bids are too low or the concepts unsustainable, the company will be smashed. This is unlikely. Because all the information behind the curtain is positive and the good outcome of the process is more likely from week to week.

More background information about Trollhättan and Saab will follow in one of the next articles.


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    if all known bidders are still on board, then the mysterious Western European carmaker would still be there.
    How's that with that? You only hear from Indians and Chinese!

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    ... I don't even want to know what's going on in the minds and employees of the Adam Opel AG car factories in this current story ...... The future will soon show it ... Just brutal, this car industry ,,,,,

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    “Another topic is GM. Any Saab buyers are in contact with the previous Saab owner. Negotiations are ongoing but no details are available. First and foremost, it is about the use of the production facilities that run with GM's own software. Saab Automobile AB has only been licensed to use it for a certain period of time; the bankruptcy has expired the contracts. Another one of the numerous mines that GM has installed in Saab sales. "

    Dumb are the GM so och ni. (

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      No, on the topic of minefield, the boys are unequaled.

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      I do not know if you are allowed to say something in public at all.
      But GM is actually just a middleman of these assets.
      There are in Bavaria ne small, in privy circles, well-known company called Grob.
      There you should ask questions.

      Ps Sometimes things seem different than you are.

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