SAAB News: Saab UK expands network - fun with Saab BioPower

Calpam gas station
Calpam gas station

Driving a Saab is fun, no question about it. Especially if you own a Saab 9-3 or 9-5 BioPower. Ethanol and Swedish turbo technology get along particularly well. While the Spritprise climbed to astronomical heights in the last few days, the E85 remained at the usual level. If you drive a Saab 9-5 of the first generation with the legendary Saab Trionic, then ethanol operation is twice as much fun.

Currently we have E85 € 1.05, Super 1.72 per liter. Any questions ? Because you not only save money on refueling, the Trionic gets 10 HP more from our ”gehirschten”Saab 9-5 BioPower. If you don't have a Saab with "Deer Performance Upgrade“But a series version, then the gain in fun and performance is even greater.

With alternative fuel improves the response, the Saab acts agile than in gasoline operation. Bio fuels have always been written down in the past. Press and lobby associations have done a great job. Because in Germany, the range of E85 vehicles is very low.

In Sweden the situation is different. The Wolfsburg-based company offers attractive turbo engines for E85 operations. An offer that is largely withheld from us in Germany. Because here you want to continue to create dependencies with fossil energy and earn money.

Actually, we wanted to sell the 9-5 in the winter, but then he stayed in our Swedish fleet. Currently we are happy about it. How much fun is in the Saab BioPower concept, you can in our driving reports read.

Saab 9-5 2.3t Vector Biopower "Anniversary"
Saab 9-5 2.3t Vector Biopower "Anniversary"

On Tuesday, the news about Saab's high liabilities went through the press. There was talk of 12 to 13 billion crowns and the media immediately pounced on this topic. Victor Muller was interviewed, Maud Olofsson gave her opinion. I think we had enough economic news. The liabilities are shadows of the past and some of them will be dealt with legally. Some transactions are questionable and are the focus of current reviews. But to pursue economic philosophy about it is nonsense.

We should be interested in the future. Important will be the next week. Tuesday is Deadline. Binding offers must be made by this deadline, then the fate of the group decides. True price and concept, then Saab is sold completely. If neither the price is justified nor the strategy suitable, the breakup follows. Who is practiced in the thumb, which should press hard on Tuesday again. Although our friends in Stockholm are more than optimistic, you never know.

In the UK, Saab UK is expanding its dealer network - or much more service network. Corin Richards of Saab Parts UK wants to erase the white spots on the map and is aiming for 100 partner companies. Before the bankruptcy in December, the island had 102 Saab dealerships.

In Germany, I hear of similar aspirations. Nothing is official and I do not know any names. But the Saab team in Frankfurt is working on an expansion of the network and maybe even good news from this site will come to us soon.


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  • Unfortunately, E85 is still not worth the pure economic aspect.
    At a price of 1,14 € with us, I drive with a diesel and about 7 l consumption cheaper.
    One should not neglect the follow-up costs during the inspection. (shorter interval, more exchange of parts)


    THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN E85 DRIVING (and a diesel is out of the question)

  • I think: exactly the other way around, the BioPower is left behind on long journeys because of the thin E85 fuel network. My 9-5 2,3t BP (with Hirsch) switch needs about 12,5-13 l / 100 km in the everyday mix of thirds and in the vicinity of my daily commute between office and home I can buy E99,9 for 85 ct / l refuel. In my opinion, Saabs are not intended for short distances anyway (and diesel generally not suitable either) ...

  • The BioPower sounds good as long as long distances are driven. I drove an 9.5 BioPower autom. 3 years mainly short distances. Fuel consumption leveled off at over 15 liters / 100 km. This is clearly too much compared to my previous model 9.5 Aero autom. with 9.5 liters / 100 km. I was quite disappointed and now drive one of the first / last 9.3 X Diesel autom. and get to 7.1 liters / 100 km (again short distance)

  • In addition to the plugs, the problem is probably more hoses and seals ... and don't forget, four (or six) spark plugs are cheap and quick to install yourself, while parts of the injection system are more of a problem for the workshop and can quickly produce high bills .

    Thanks to Saabisti by the way - but the information doesn't help me. I drive the 2.3 t (with the small t, and 170 HP), built in 1999. If I enter the parameters in the Hirsch search mask, nothing comes back - a shame.

    Well, I'll continue to make the fuel industry happy.

  • Toll would actually be the possession of an E85 vehicle (see liter prices).

    Pure E. vehicles could possibly be driven even more cheaply - but the technology is not yet fully developed (we were told by DEKRA people).

    In this context, the consortium's bid, which supposedly only wants to manufacture electric cars in Trollhättan, seems completely unclear to us - this would probably only require a tiny part of the previous staff. The demand for such vehicles really seems extremely limited.

    Why do these companies even promise a success in the bidding contest? Is there more information here?

    • Thanks for the link.

  • For me and those, maybe I'm not the only one who is not technically savvy, I have a request:

    Can you put a list of types and years in the block that E 85 can tolerate?

    Thank you very much and all Saablern Happy Easter. Somehow we all believe in the resurrection.

  • Alternative: Saab Diesel drive eg 9-5 2,2 TiD with 120 PS, needs about 6 liters per 100 km, if you want to have fun, a little more. It was only in the last few years that the German premium brands have come close to these levels of consumption. Only the Saab can do this without a dangerous start-stop and complex technology ...

    Happy Easter!

    • Our 9-3 sports car TTiD with 180 PS sips between 4,8 and 5,5 Ltr. On 100 KM (city traffic 75% and country 25%). BAB on the fly is possible with just over 6 Ltr. Year 2008!
      The competitors from Munich and Ingolstadt only dream of this! And do not even manage these consumption levels 4 years later!
      So also for environmental reasons SAAB must return again!
      Happy Easter!

  • Intermediate question - is this kit also available for the 9-5 2.3t, built in 1999? Couldn't find anything on Hirsch's website for this year.

  • Is there really only one thing to say. SAAB has to build cars again so there are new BioPowers from Sweden!

  • Thanks for being jealous :-p

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