SAAB News: Saab and E85 and Saab in the press

On Thursday I wrote a short article about our Saab 9-5 BioPower. Due to the high fuel prices, the ethanol Saab gains in attractiveness every day. Our friends at Saabsunited had the same idea and followed up with a post on E85. Since then, many questions have come up and few answers. Which Saab can stand E85 and which not? The question is easy to answer from the factory.

Saab 9-5 2.3t Vector Biopower, tail light
Saab 9-5 2.3t Vector Biopower, tail light

A Saab BioPower has different fuel lines and a different tank than a "normal" Saab. The engine control software is designed for multi-fuel operation. E85 is considered aggressive in comparison to fossil energy. Saab Tuner Maptun offers a conversion kit for some Saab 9-5 and 9-3 with Trionic 7. For Trionic 5 Saab, including the Saab 9000, and for Trionic 7 models, SKR Performance has a conversion offer. From a Trionic 5 vehicle, however, then becomes a pure ethanol vehicle.

What exactly is behind the conversion kits, whether lines are exchanged, one should ask. Because ethanol absorbs moisture over a long service life, so that lines in the BioPower Saab are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Some Saab drivers have already had long experience in converting to flexi-fuel operation. Alexander from Blog SAABISM has, inspired by the articles here and on Saabsunited, one Interview made with a friend who drove easily 40.000 kilometers with a converted Saab. Maybe a little decision aid.

Incidentally, E85 is tax-privileged until the end of 2015. Only the 15% share of conventional fuel is heavily taxed, for ethanol itself only the usual value added tax applies. As fossil fuel prices will continue to rise in the medium term, upgrading to biofuel will be a tempting option.

If you are looking for a used BioPower Saab, it has only a small selection. In Bamberg there are two of them. Some new Saab 9 3 Griffin BioPower are in Kiel landed and maybe the last chance for a Griffin model.

In the German press Saab rarely shows up in the last few days. The Autobild takes note of the fight for Saab, but does not write what we do not already know. A chant on our manufacturer is in the current vintage car market.

The obituary "stations of a crash landing" goes over 5 pages and is written surprisingly tendentious. Because the editorial staff has a Saab 96 in the fleet and the editor-in-chief visited Trollhättan at the last Saab Festival. As a table neighbor in Innovatum he enjoyed his Köttbullar and the Saab atmosphere. Actually, one expects more Saab Spirit or please objectivity

The basic tenor of the article is that all Saab since the GM entry but only overpriced Opel and it creeps the reader the suspicion that the author has already concluded with the introduction of the based on DKW technology Zweitakters with the brand. I had to read the article several times so as not to mistake the negative basic tenor. But even after repeated reading - it does not get better. So the contribution is ultimately a crash landing, for the author. The 3.20 € for the magazine, which I usually like, you can leave as a Saab fan in your pocket.

For GM, there was not enough Opel in every Saab, which drove the Americans to the final task of the brand. For the motor press, it was too much Rüsselsheim, which for years a "broken writing" of the brand pulled. Too bad. The consequences are known.


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  • Hey E85 - driver,
    does anyone run an 9.3 V6 Aero (Hirsch with 275 PS) successfully with E85 ???

  • I have to take out the Austrian Autorevue: In the current special edition is an outline of the 520d Efficient Dynamics: "... The first contact is somehow reminiscent of an older 200d Mercedes: cloth seats, a wobbly circuit, the Bonanza effect when driving away, a rachitischer Four-cylinder diesel, things that seemed long forgotten ... "

    This is how they describe the current BMW engine technology. There are some still so dt. Premium critical voices.

  • Yes Tom, I also like to read a regular vintage car market. The "obituary" (Is not that a little early?) So does not fit to the other level of this magazine. Too bad that such a bad article deals with SAAB. Result: I did not buy the book in protest. -> Demand governs the offer!

  • Hallo,

    Well, I was curious about this E85 story, so I wrote to MapTun with the data of my Saab (date of manufacture Feb. 1999, engine B235E, type 9-5 2.3t SE, 170 PS). According to the answer, a conversion to E85 is possible, costs about 4000 crowns (ie about 400 Euro, plus minus, exchange rate, etc.), fuel lines, seals, valve guides, etc. are no problem.

    Sounds very tempting in the gasoline prices ... but I then calculated times based on my logbook, and according to the linked here by Tom interview for E85 (somewhat pessimistic) 27% more consumption. The savings do not look that great any more - compared to the last twelve months I would have saved between 10 and 20 Euro, or always at 10% of the costs that were due for the E5 refueling. Also in the past months of February and March with their gas prices exceeded, only 20 and 30 Euro would jump for me.

    So, who drives a lot, for sure this is an interesting thing (especially on long-haul routes) - not necessarily for little riders, because the absolute savings then not so intoxicating. Incidentally, I did not include the detours to E85 filling stations, in Saarland there are exactly three of them. I'll wait for April before I decide.

    By the way - clearly the Saab feels more agile with E85, the Maptun software update gives 50 Nm more torque, so for me that's 18%, and you can tell that already.

  • ... maybe the good man should just sit in an Opel and then in the Saab and if he does not notice any difference, he should stop writing about such things.

  • Most people only feel well in their skin, if they do not somehow stand out from the crowd - this one can confidently refer to the choice of the car.

    I prefer people (personalities) who have nothing to do with the general "Gleichmacherei" - if this then even a car brands in the short list comes as the SAAB, in whose vehicles many advantages in comparison with the so-called. Competitors are present this is all the more enjoyable!

    The press bought by the German autoindustry is now no longer taken seriously by more and more intelligent contemporaries - the reality draws a different picture, especially with regard to the great technology of some makes (see also today's commentary by Philmos).

  • Not every progress makes sense. Start / stop Automtik is a very dubious thing that I have noticed even when colleagues in A3. The automatic has a life of its own and always intervenes when it becomes dangerous. For minimal fuel savings, the degree of danger increases. But brings just special points in the evaluation scheme of the car tester. In how far the real life can orientate everyone can find out for themselves. It works closely with the industry.
    @ Tom
    Your charity project is getting better and better. SAAB Leipzig is also there. Great thing, keep it up!

  • Since I know that, I have to say that all the car magazines have passed. In the meantime also the Austrian, I notice no difference between the prospectuses of the automaker and the texts in the German and Austrian press.

    I take the view that I prefer to save the money for such press texts and then immediately look at the websites of the manufacturers, the information content is the same.

    Only now and then attacking Autobild a hot iron, which makes me hope again: Like all the engine problems with the German manufacturers or start-stop time delays.

    Only I missed there a substantial indication: Start stop is a big safety risk eg when turning with oncoming traffic. If I want to start fast, but the engine must first start and not just runs around and swallowed or approaching a mountain, the same problem.

    We are glad that we could return a BMW 318d touring. It is incredibly dangerous not to be able to rely on the car actually starting. Or one waits forever and provokes Hupkonzerte the backers, everything already experienced. But start-stop is indeed hailed by the press and cars that fortunately do not have devalued ...

  • That's exactly how I feel. Yesterday I was pretty nervous. No post on my favorite blog :-(. SAAB and the blog is just as important as the daily espresso.
    Without it does not work!

  • Well, the German auto industry pays - uh, takes care - the German press better ... 😉
    (In addition there was a nice article about BMW and their "cost absorption for journalists" on TV)

  • Hi Tom,

    one day not in the block and I miss you! First of all many thanks for your constant bustle and informing.

    Years ago I gave it up to annoy me about the car press, because they all have their pets and the big ones are better advertisers than the little ones. Press is nunmal synonymous commercially. If you want individuality in our mass society, you should not uniform yourself, you should drive SAAB. Even with GM parts, a SAAB is something special.

  • So with the overpriced Opel is a fairy tale, Saabs use 70 to 83% own parts, that has worked out or presented Top Gear. When I look at VW, where from Skoda to Audi, Lamborghini and Bentley is always the same installed, Saabs are compared to 100% Saab.

    What is certain of GM at Saab, are the SIDs that constantly produce pixel errors

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