on tour, fundraising for the Saab Museum

We have experienced a kind of shock-rigidity here and in various other forums and sources of information the last months after the stop of the production. Very often there was only negative news. The weeks of the Saab dealer tour in Germany last October and November were almost the only exception. The Saab spirit, which was lived here by the team from Saab Germany around JPS and its employees, the Saab dealers and not least by YOU, was terrific. Everyone was looking forward to their first date with the new 9-5 sports suit and the 9-4X. During two presentations (in Mobile Forum Dresden and in Möhler in Bremen) and have seen the enthusiasm and euphoria in the faces.

Our expectations and our hopes, however, were from the events at the 19. December interrupted suddenly.
But we are Saab drivers. We are tough. We will not give up. We keep fighting. To our brand. The last few weeks have left none of us without a trace. The tough, relentless struggle of the past few weeks has ensured that the batteries are empty. So it's time to recharge them. And where is the best place for a Saab driver? Of course at home !! - In Trollhättan!
So we (my friend Tom and I) drive from 19.-22. April to THN !!!!
The news of the rescue of the Saab Museum by the city of Trollhättan (headed by Paul Akerlund), by the Innovatum and the Wallenberg Foundation, but also by the director of the Museum Peter Bäckström in January of this year is still on everyone's lips. So why not pay a visit to the reopened museum when visiting Sweden? On this occasion we want to hand over a donation for the museum to support the financing of the annual fixed costs. True to the motto of this year's spring meeting “We are many. We are Saab “we hope that with your support we can set an example in Sweden with a small fundraising campaign here on the blog.
We contacted the management of the museum in advance and informed us of our appeal for donations. The goal is to present the donation personally to Peter Backstrom and of course to report it here on the blog. Of course, with the hope that we then, a few days after the bankruptcy phase on 16.04. bring positive news about the continued existence of our favorite car brand and the continuation of production from Sweden.
The idea for this fundraiser for Saab or the museum came to us some time ago and now it is time to put this plan into action.
Hence the appeal to EVERYONE (Saab drivers, Saab crazy people, Saab enthusiasts, Saab dealers and and and ...):
If you want to help, please send us a donation to the Saab Museum until 18.April. The transaction runs totally uncomplicated over Paypal. You have a box on this page in the upper right corner where you can enter your donation to the Saab Museum. By the way: The five euros are only preset by Paypal. Of course we would be happy about higher amounts.