SAAB Dates: Saab Events in Germany, Italy, Sweden

Our Saab diary for the month of April has continued to fill up. The monthly Saab Meeting is taking place again in Frankfurt and another Saab event is taking place in the Leipzig region at the end of the month. Both meetings are requested by pre-registration by mail or telephone.

Saab has had a strong market with our southern neighbors for many years. Saab 900 and Saab 9000 were in great demand in Italy, which was also the case at the then importer. The color "Odoardo Grau" and fabrics by Zegna in the Saab 9000 went back to the use and the Saab love of the Italians. That was a long time ago and Italy has lost its importance for Saab. At least since young Saab fans have launched a blog, it is through a lot of passion and commitment with the brand from Trollhättan slowly back in the right direction.

The national Saab Club celebrates 20 years of Saab passion this year. “Passione Saab 20th” takes place in Varese and it promises to be an interesting, international event. A reason to go south with the Saab in May. The celebrations are also updated on the Italian Saab blog.

At the beginning of June, a highly interesting event is on the agenda in Sweden. Saab Tuner Maptun organizes its "Maptun Meet 2012" for all Saab drivers. Maptun in Örebro offers a very interesting program to increase performance around our favorite brand. Other participants, dealers, clubs and collectors complete the range around Saab. If you spend your holidays in Sweden in June, you should plan a day for Maptun.

Something is happening around Saab and the community is more active than ever. Currently there are many round tables and circles of friends for the Swedish brand in the country. Nice way. Saab lives, we feel it daily.


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  • Hello Wolfgang
    It's in the Bitterfeld area, not Leipzig, on the 28.04. See Saab dates April 2012.

  • Hallo,

    When is the event in Leipzig?

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