SAAB News: Decisions in Sweden

It is time again for the business section. It would be nice to write about cars, maybe even about new Saab. But that's not it, so again our look at Sweden in terms of economics. The court in Vänersborg will today publish the list of liabilities of Saab Automobile AB, Saab Tools AB and Saab Powertrain AB. Sweden is also the country of transparency in these matters. So Saab will appear today in the headlines of the usual publications.

Liabilities of 13 billion kronor caused speculation last week, the details could possibly be interesting. Next Monday, Guy Lofalk, Victor Muller and other former officials in Vänersborg arrive to testify in court to the best of their knowledge. But all this is the cacophony of the past, which certainly brings some fuel.

More important is what happens to the administrators. There it goes in the direction of the future. Today, the deadline for the submission of binding offers ends. It would be nice to hear about it, but the next press conference on Saab will take place in a week. Maybe one of the potential buyers will come out to the press or our Swedish friends will know more.

We will see. Let's stay cool and wait.




One thought on "SAAB News: Decisions in Sweden"

  • My SAAB friends in Hamburg and the surrounding area have come to the unanimous conclusion that finally it would be time for the Swedes to end the secrecy and, after the end of the bidding period, have called the new owners of SAAB automobiles up-to-date.

    We are happy to come back to the appeal for donations (museum) - we would also like to point out to the new owner that the continuation of the museum would also bring advantages for him and that a little financial commitment in this regard would be money well spent for him.

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city

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