SAAB News: The bad numbers of Trollhättan

For a year now we have been writing about crises, production stoppages, business divestments and hope. The cards are now in Vänersborg on the table and the numbers are a disaster. You can not gloss over such a mountain of liabilities in just two years.

Net debt is over € 1 billion. Saab is in the headlines worldwide today, with negative press, which was to be expected. Although the disaster is not over, at least not for some former Saab personalities. It will be tight for one person or another. The administrators check various transactions and friends from Stockholm tell about possible criminal relevance.

The real estate deal, in which Victor Muller gave away a large part of the factory real estate for too little money, is again under scrutiny. The fact that there are members in the real estate consortium who are responsible for bribery in other cases, it is about a new stadium, have to answer in court does not make things any better. When it comes to Saab real estate, the last word has not yet been said. The term “reversal” was in the air this afternoon. The real estate business was one of the biggest wrong decisions of the Muller era and could at least be a medium problem for the new owner, it is said in Sweden. But the correction is being worked on.

Nevertheless, we should have survived the worst part of the media Gaus. Muller and Co. will appear in court next Monday to confirm the statement of liabilities. What follows then for each individual or not is uncertain.

Whatever, anyway. Muller is past and SWAN or Spyker are too. GM anyway. We should focus on the future. Today is the last day to submit offers for the group. Still the lake rests in Trollhättan. Again. But we are slowing down the craps of bad news and wild speculation. We have our ears pointed north. Presumably we will not hear binding news until one week, because the administrators have set up a good firewall. So far, she keeps tight. But you never know.


5 thoughts on "SAAB News: The bad numbers of Trollhättan"

  • Dieter Wedel would have long since made a (at least) 6 part ...

  • All of this is really not funny - but you shouldn't make the big mistake and try to establish the reputation of SAAB automobiles on a handful of dilettantes (possibly also criminals - still has to be checked)!

    SAAB is not Victor Muller or Guy Lofalk. It is by no means exclusively people who only wanted to distinguish themselves and enrich themselves - on the contrary, the vast majority of managers, engineers and other leading employees are cut from a different cloth than the few who have failed.

    The top places among the failures naturally go to the “managers” of the so-called global company GM by a large margin - this cannot be mentioned often enough!

  • Mr. Muller can then also put down a covered payment check for a few million euros….

  • In 2015 it will run as a multi-part series on Sundays on ZDF. ; (

  • Pure business crime ... with a happy ending for SAAB, hopefully!

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