SAAB News: Car parts chain interested in Saab parts

Update: 20: 23

The Swedish auto parts chain Mekonomen is interested to take over Saab Parts AB from the Reichsverwaltungsverwaltung. This is reported by the always well-informed journalist Jonas Fröberg from Svenska Dagbladet. If the price is right, Mekonomen would like to buy the Saab daughter from Nyköping.

From the imperial debt administration there was no opinion. Today at 17: 00 PM was deadline to tender for the Saab Automobile Group in Sweden. 21 minutes before bidding came the Mekonomen offer to the public. So far, the assumption that the group should go as a complete package over the counter applies. We can assume that, to the contrary. The Reich debt administration has also pleaded for a big solution, but you want to get out of the matter cleanly. In the final statement, Operation Saab is said to have cost the taxpayer no crown. Bo Lundgren of the National Debt Administration expects that to happen. We will see.

A huge question mark still hovers over the real estate business. The business stinks, said a friend today. And for many reasons. Hemfosa has bought one half of the real estate for little money and gets due to a clause, in the absence of rent payment as a result of bankruptcy, the remaining half as a bonus. Investigations are ongoing.

Jonas Fröberg from Svenska Dagbladet also writes about the offers allegedly made by Mahindra and Youngman. He is well connected and has been a reputable Saab source for the last 12 months. His sources also report on the time window of the administrators. Everything should have gone by the end of April. Hmm.

I do not comment on that. Fröberg only says "Det lär bli tufft". That's going to be hard. We will see.

Hans Bergqvist, Saab administrator, commented on the evening before the press. Some interested parties have bid in the last few days and nobody has jumped. The ambition is high in Trollhättan to build cars again. His goal is the summer, so he stands in contrast to Fröberg. More news will follow tomorrow at the latest.