SAAB 9000 rust: fight against the brown plague

Have you noticed how rare the Saab 9000 has become in the streetscape? It wasn't that long ago that 9000s were seen as everyday cars by “end users” on almost every street corner. Thanks to the scrappage bonus and the fact that the youngest among the Nobel Swedes are now almost 15 years old, the big Saab disappears from our everyday life.

Saab 9000 rust at the rear in the area of ​​the trunk lock
Saab 9000 rust at the rear in the area of ​​the trunk lock

If you are looking for a Saab 9000 on the usual online portals, you will not find much choice. Currently, entire 88 tracks are available in Germany. If you limit the search, for example, after a mileage of under 200.000 kilometers, only a little more than 20 Saabs remains. Where mileage should not be the decisive criterion.

Saab 9000, the rusty sheet metal will be replaced ...
Saab 9000, the rusty sheet is being replaced ...

The Saab 9000 disappears, that's for sure. It is all the more important to save the good specimens and preserve them for the next few years. A little lucrative business, because the 9000 is undervalued and will probably remain so for now. And there are a few, few exceptions. Really good vehicles, where equipment, color, motorization and history are right among fans are very expensive.

An 5 digit amount for an 9000er is rare, but two copies changed hands last year in those price regions. Why ? New car condition meets lovers, then everything is in it. For the mass of 9000er 5er or 6er hand that is not true and will probably not change.

Saab 9000, rust at the rear under the rubber seal
Saab 9000, rust at the rear under the rubber seal

As a speculative object, the Saab 9000 is not good for now. Too small is still the circle of lovers and they are picky. But now we are experiencing the turnaround and meanwhile some fans are thinking as much as we are.

The 9000 is a piece of Saab history and must be preserved. He was Trollhättans first step into the automobile upper class. Above all, young Saab drivers take care of the preservation of the chic Sweden and it forms a lover's circle for the 9000. Our Anniversary came only because of small rust approaches on the underbody in the workshop to Bamberg. In addition, there was a rust point on the fender in the back right, a rust point on the trunk lock.

Saab 9000, rust at the wheel arch in the back right
Saab 9000, rust at the wheel arch in the back right

When you start looking, you find - hmm yes - more of the brown plague. It's not just that at Saab, my 1971 MGB wasn't any better either. The rubber seal on the tailgate is a potential breeding ground for rust and a number of other places as well.

Still it is not bad, still with relatively little effort the rescue is possible. Spicy is that on our 9000 the rust prevention prescribed by Saab was not made conscientious. Although it is first-hand, maintained throughout in a Saab center, but also that is no guarantee for proper rust protection.

The Saab center Bamberg, which has restoration and classic car specialists on the premises, is now making up for any omissions and making the Saab fit for the next 20 years. It does a good job and happily at an affordable price that somehow seems to match the value of the Saab 9000. In the next 14 days we will bring our Swede from Bamberg back to Lower Franconia. Then there are more details about the Saab 9000 rust prevention.

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  • .. looks the same as with my 95iger - only that with mine also the shock absorber in the trunk was looking for its new place ..
    but i would never sell it !!

  • Does not fit now to the topic, but does anyone have information about the auctions in Hamburg? The last one was completely canceled, even though she was still on the side the day before the start. Is there anything else coming?

  • That's a good question. The final bill is still pending. And also in the front area there was more work than planned. Today the 9000 went to be painted. Because we're there, we're doing the rear bumper at the same time ... 😉 To be continued.

  • Nice report!

    How much does such a restoration cost? (Would like to drive my 93 a bit

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