SAAB Day: Swedish notes and donations to the museum

We are looking forward to Sweden, but almost nothing is happening. The real estate sale is churning and the administrators seem determined to get the Saab factory back. The buildings in the Stallbacka were sold well below 50.1% last summer. A clause stipulates that in the event of a rental loss, the unsold part of the real estate consortium falls.

Originally, the real estate value was given in the summer with 800 million crowns. A recent report confirmed the value, at GM times a higher sum for the area was called. The Hemfosa consortium only paid 330 million kroner for 50.1% of the property, and even that amount only came in tranches on the accounts. Remains a difference of 70 million crowns and a strange clause.

What do the administrators want? The reversal of the purchase should be enforced if anything only in court. This will take a while. A Swedish friend, with more insight than we see in the construction of a threatening backdrop. Hemfosa is to sell the property to the new owner at a reasonable price. Maybe with some profit, but please not so much and swiftly.

This would be the "stupidest business" of the Muller era, the expression comes from the Swedish press and not mine, for all parties it went off lightly.

Dealing with the past with a special kind is ex-Minister Maud Olofsson. Jörgen Hellman and Peter Jonsson, MPs of the Social Democrats, cite the lady before a committee of inquiry. On the 23. April in Stockholm clarifies whether in things Vladimir Antonov everything was right. The entry of the Russian ex-banker failed at the Swedish government and at the EIB.

Meanwhile, a lot of time has passed and Antonov has lost a lot. His banks are dissolved or under state administration. His football club, Portsmouth FC is no longer his and the dream in England to build super sports cars is over. Friend Victor Muller has had machines picked up at the new CPP plant in Coventry and rebuilt in Holland to build Spykers. Which of course does not detract from the friendship between men. Because the Dutchman is still sitting as CEO in some (ex) companies of the Russian. In Coventry should Zagato The Italians also belonged to Antonov's empire as CPP Milan for a short time. The CPP in Coventry is sold and with that the 120 jobs could be saved. And at the heart of Antonov's empire, Convers Sports Initiatives, 2011 has been under receivership since November.

Sad, sad, one might say. But Antonov may have gone off right now, he'll be back for sure. Hard guys like him who have survived assassinations are always appearing somewhere. Guaranteed.

That's why we don't have to donate for the ex-investor. The Saab Museum in Trollhättan needs it. We currently have € 295,00 in the donation pot. This is top notch, but it could be a little more. Please continue donating. The collection is expensive to maintain. Every euro helps.

For those who haven't had enough of the Saab theme, there is a small article about the Saab 99 Turbo at the end of the day. "Not only Volvo came from Sweden”Is the headline. Almost right. Should be better "… Not just Volvo". Maybe soon and in the future ...



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