SAAB News: Donations for the Saab Museum and situation in Sweden

Update: 11: 16

Our fundraising campaign for the Saab Museum in Trollhättan is getting off to a good start and within one day € 145,00 was donated. This is fantastic, you are great! The museum, home of the historic Saab collection, could use any support. Many thanks from Mark and me and please: keep it up! Still the view to the north. In Sweden the situation on the surface is calm. If it comes to a full sale, Youngman and Mahindra still seem to be the favorites.

Both potential interested parties are said to have developed enormous activities in the last few days. But a “handful” of parties should have bid for the complete package. Names were not mentioned. Yesterday, Hans Bergqvist spoke publicly about the Saab 9-3 and described this model for the first time as "essentially as GM-free". Since we have now learned to listen to the soft tones that come from Gothenburg and Stockholm, this is a clear announcement.

The re-production of the 9-3 is still on the agenda and the administrators who have reviewed the legal situation. You see no problems. Good news for Saab fans and dealers. In theory, in a few months, new 9-3 Griffin could roll into the showrooms. But it is still too early for excessive optimism. But they are good omens, after all. Incidentally, this was the first concrete statement before the press on this topic. We can therefore hope that does not mean that we can put the subject of electric cars on the file.

Now we can only wait. The clear goal of being able to restart car production in the Saab factory in some way has been confirmed. The deal should be finalized before the summer. So not in summer, as it was published for a long time. “Före Sommaren” is now the motto.

We stay tuned. The next days will be exciting.


Addendum: Also Swedish Automobile concludes with the chapter Trollhättan. The name should disappear next week. SWAN becomes Spyker again.

7 thoughts on "SAAB News: Donations for the Saab Museum and situation in Sweden"

  • Donation has been made. Every € helps ......
    Unfortunately, I'm not coming to Trollhättan this year….
    Moin moin to the trolls!

  • Hello.
    I would also donate on one condition:
    I'm from 17.6. - 25.6. in Sweden, initially in the area around Trollhättan.
    Unfortunately, the museum closed exactly in time.
    If it was open on Monday (18.6.), It would be worth a donation

    • blank

      I do not believe that your wish is achievable. About a donation, the trolls would be happy anyway.
      Thanks to all who have donated today!

      • blank

        And what about Sunday (our arrival day)?
        If they were open 2 hours longer than planned, we would make it ...

    • blank

      Say you live in reality. Donation without condition.

  • blank

    Class action. Just donated!

  • blank

    TOI Toi Toi

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