SAAB classic: Saab 900 with strong appreciation

Classic Data has examined the classic cars that had the highest added value in the last 5 years. In second place of all vehicles is the Saab 900 Cabriolet of the first series. For an open 900 in the 2 state, Classic Data calculates a market value of 18.200 €. The value is based on the valuations made by Classic Data and that is where the weak point might lie.

Saab 900 convertible with 63.000 kilometers at the fair in Stuttgart for ...
Saab 900 convertible with 63.000 kilometers at the fair in Stuttgart for ...

Because between opinions and actually paid sums are usually worlds. During a tour of the Oldtimer fair in Stuttgart, the prices are confirmed once. My good friend Horst was on our way and has captured prizes for Saab classics. 18.900 € for a 900 Cabriolet, no special series - no "Last Run", are an announcement, but the mileage is extremely low. A typical collector's copy, but the griffin on the hood has been lost.

Although the prices for the Saab 900 the first series for years in the climb, but currently they are taking off. The Saab 900, if it is turbo, if it is Cabriolet or Coupe, then it is desired. Leather is required! Suckers, 5-door models or Saab 900 with 3-gear automatic are less in demand. The color must be right. Black, Odoardo Gray or Yellow, as in the Saab 900 Monte Carlo Cabriolet, then fits the demand.

If the color is not right, it will be tight. For one year, this Saab 900 Turbo steeplycutter with sensational 109.000 kilometers is for sale. I had contact with the seller, first it was said the Saab was sold to Holland, then again not. On demand came pictures, which confirmed the description. Why did not I buy the red 900? The color is to blame. Red does not work, neither does the interior color, says the family.

.. almost 19.000,00 €.
.. almost 19.000,00 €.

Prices to the 20.000 € or more bring then usually the super rare 900 Monte Carlos. Or the "Last Run" models, the farewell edition from Trollhättan. The rest is not. Nevertheless, the 900 is a good buy. In addition to superb design, turbo power, sound and lots of driving pleasure, there will be an increase in value over the next few years.

What about the rest of the Saab classic squad? Saab 96 have been languishing for years, Saab Sonetts are getting a bit more expensive from year to year. A factor that is also due to the low supply. That meets with stable demand. The Saab collector, who already has almost everything, gets as Saab number 10 just a sonnet home. It's that simple and there are some in Saab circles that do it that way.

Saab 900 Turbo Power from Heuschmid at the Messe Stuttgart ...
Saab 900 Turbo Power from Heuschmid at the Messe Stuttgart ...

Let's take a look at the upcoming classics, the Saab 9000 and the Saab 900 of the second series. The 9000 slowly separates the wheat from the chaff, as the saying goes. End-use cars disappear into the junkyard, the supply slowly thins out. A uniform trend is not yet visible, the scene is only emerging.

... at least 6.500 €.
... at least 6.500 €.

Accordingly, the pricing is inconsistent. For 9000er first-hand, with very few kilometers 2011 were called between amazing 10.000 and 15.000 € - and paid. Good vehicles for 4.000 or 5.000 €, however, can square the tires. You will not find a buyer for a long time, which seems unexplainable, but is. Because for the classic end user, these 9000ers are too expensive and now too old. The fanbase makes reluctant compromises, all features must be right. So many good copy, with the wrong color or naturally aspirated engine can stand forever.

Bargains are still possible. From time to time, a first-hand vehicle is for sale, for a terrifyingly small amount of money. Anyone who sees one should strike. Especially if it is one of the sought Aero or Anniversary types. Because the time of the cheap Saab 9000 comes to an end, even because of the lack of supply.

There is no prognosis for the 900 II. Or more simply, I do not dare. In my mind, I went through my very large, Saab-driving friends and acquaintances. One has an 900 II, which scared me. Apparently, the successor of the legend from Trollhättan finds no market and no lover's circle. Which is not fair, because the 900 II does not deserve this. In it is more Saab than the press wants to make us believe and still there are beautiful, well-maintained specimens for the tight purse. As an entry into the Saab scene necessarily suitable because the spare parts are easy to get.

The topic 900 II will be more interesting to us soon. There will be a driving report and a photo story in the coming weeks. Then we clear up with prejudice and clarify whether the Saab 900 II is rightly spurned by the community.


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  • A post about the 900 II would be nice. Because so far, this SAAB has not been described in any article. So please, please write.

  • Thanks to Tom for always finding car topics and not just writing about economics. I'm not interested in what Chinese XY paid or not. That's boring. My hobby has been SAAB for years and it stays that way. I'm interested in the rolling stock ;-). Also, the fundraiser for the museum is cool and of course I have joined.
    Articles about 900 II and 9-3I would be great. Over it is written too little. One addition to the SAAB 9000. Not only the NOT-TURBO-SAAB are not wanted, also the sedan is totally underrated and the 3 liter is also the tires sore.
    Please continue!

    F. Zirkoski

  • Although the original, pure SAAB spirit may not be in every nook and cranny of the 900 II, it may not be a full-fledged SAAB, but it's still a very good vehicle - I'd be delighted to receive a report on this wonderful one , beautiful and fair car in a "fairer" light. I have been driving a -original- SAAB R 2 for 900 years; maybe there is a little potential for appreciation in this special series limited to 150 vehicles?

  • Hey, and what about the 99er 😉

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