SAAB News: Three Mandatory Bids for Saab?

The paid information site reports three offers for the Saab car company. According to sources not mentioned, Mahindra & Mahindra, Lotus Youngman and a Chinese / Japanese consortium have submitted binding bids. A European buyer should not be there.

That would disappoint all those who were hoping for a group from Europe. The message, however, seems speculative. is currently the only source that believes to have this information. All other media are silent, maybe with good reason. Because did not always provide reliable information about Saab in the past.

Therefore, we should wait until more facts are available from known reputable sources.


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  • hello, get in touch from afar in aut.bin saab technician for 32 years and keep changing my job that i stay with my saab.have had almost everything from saab.from the 96 to the 9-3 1,9 tid with a few kw more. I don't really care who buys saab, just have to go on. has been the best car on the street since my youth (mfg josef)

  • Here's something “negative” 🙂

    SAAB = Slow And Always Broken

    (I can't confirm: all three first-generation 900s exceeded the 500.000 mark with the first engine and twice with the first gearbox - but all were normal injectors.)



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    Not so pesimistic.
    I still have an interpretation for SAAB that the insolvency administrators could soon write under the Saabakt:
    SAAB: Saab's Resurrection Official

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    Ciao together,

    The facts are pretty obvious after all of last month's turmoil - although I've been driving Saab for more than 20 years and am an absolute fan, I no longer believe in a successful rescue of traditional-style production, an electrical experiment by the Japanese / Chinese Unknown resp. Youngman would almost certainly go completely in his pants in Europe / overseas anyway, because there is simply no potential for a profitable market.
    The insurmountable problems I see here:
    * GM does not issue licenses (out of principle and market law considerations)
    * The situation regarding 9-3 models / GM / China licenses is absolutely unclear
    * 95 (I ordered the station wagon) and 94X (would have preferred to switch to this model after Geneva 2011) cannot be produced due to the GM license problems ... what can be regenerated within a reasonable period of time?
    * Also the licenses of the Phoenix platform are not clearly communicated (sold to China?)
    * The production tapes run with GM software, the situation here is therefore also absolutely opaque
    * The real estate has been “sold” completely non-transparent, something could still come out of the bush here
    * The reluctance of the administrators looks from my point of view more after idealessness than after secrecy concerning future investors total takeover Saab
    * During almost a year, a lot of babbling and not much was done, the VM strategy was probably not really worked out
    * Mahindra & Mahindra may sound good, but they can only spit fire and not do magic 😉
    * Just develop new things for 1 to 2 years and don't sell anything - well, realistic? (I am an entrepreneur myself)
    * A China owner is not an option for Europe, I can see that also in X-exiled Volvo customers

    We keep the 93-TTID SPC and 93-X TTID SPC in our family for the time being, I'm also looking for an 900 or Griffin 9-3 Cabi (I drove this during 4 years), but I think so No hope of a future relaunch of SAAB, due to the above statements and the intense efforts of my dealer to bring me to the sister brand Volvo (certainly good cars, but unfortunately not my design since the angular V70 station wagon). My dealer (Saab Hess, CH) is by the way super professional and well informed, speaks for itself.
    Let's hope for the best, but unfortunately I've lost this in the last few weeks ...

    Gruss, P.

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      Dear kwaluga

      I can understand your reasoning very well and certainly we all have the well summarized by you thoughts in the last weeks and months already done.
      Nevertheless, I would not give up my hope completely - at least until it is clear whether a complete sale will succeed.
      I think, in the long term, moving away from GM is essential - despite the Independence Cabi, it has now become clear to us at the latest that Saab was anything but independent from GM. That's why I favor every attempt that knows how to avoid working with this company in the future.
      I do believe that a forced break of 1 - 2 years will lead many Saab customers to buy another make - at least in the meantime. But I am convinced that if the products are right in 2 years, some Saab hearts will start beating again and return to the brand. A sweeping, well-thought-out comeback (possibly with several model series at once) would be much better for me than a bumblebee with half-hearted GM-th models where everyone thinks that Saab has long since died. In addition, prototypes of the next 9-3 would soon be on the road, studies shown at auto shows, etc. It would not be dead silence for the next 2 years.
      For this plan, it needs a great financial power. The knowledge is (still) available on site and the will to start again, it seems, at least in the comments in recent weeks, too.

      By the way, I am also a customer of the dealer you mentioned and I think very well that I could bridge the time until the next real Saab with a Volvo (even if the brand tells me less than Saab) - above all, I would have the opportunity to continue Being able to benefit from the perfect service and good advice from my dealer is crucial.

      Let's keep our fingers crossed! I have a good feeling…

      Best regards from the CH

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      And for these reasons, I think the acquisition by an established car manufacturer for the better alternative:

      - You can immediately fall back on a well-developed dealer network without having to invest large sums in building new car dealerships. And even if SAAB already enjoys a good reputation among connoisseurs, you also have to develop buyers outside of this well-informed clientele. It works better with a well-known brand behind it than with an Indian or Chinese manufacturer. In both cases one would have to explain why SAAB is not a Trojan horse for the European market.

      - An established manufacturer could replace the GM-licensed SAAB production facilities with its own facilities. In addition, the plant in Trollhättan could manufacture other corporate products until the planning of a new model range is completed, which would still be better than not having production for two years. The problem of how and with what to build cars arises when GM withdraws its licensed devices - even a 9-3 that is then GM-free will then be difficult to build.

      - A look into the future (and this is where it gets bitter): SAAB is an ideal second brand. Production volume 80.000 to 100.000 units per year, a good reputation as a brand for customers who want to stand out, experience in the upscale car segment. Surviving as an individual brand will be difficult, but it makes sense as a supplement to the first brand of another group. “Attachments”, as Joachim puts it, sounds more pejorative than it is. After all, Audi is also very successful as a VW appendage, thanks to a good marketing strategy. And Lexus as a Toyota appendage is doing well too.

      How the administrators decide, we will probably find out in the near future ... I find it encouraging that it is now clear what SAAB is worth, and who wants to continue the brand with what plans. The administrators seem to be resistant to external pressure, which I always like very much. And now that everyone has submitted their bid, all we have to do is wait and see.

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    Hello Tom!
    Is it possible to donate by other means?
    I do not want to open a Paypal account.

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      Hello Torsten. Sure, that works. You get mail when I'm back in the office.
      Many greetings to family!

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    From my point of view and also from the point of view of other SAAB owners I know, Mahindra + Mahindra would be the better choice than a European car company, where SAAB might just be another appendix. So don't panic - on the contrary!

    Of course, if the Japanese / Chinese consortium were just a project in the direction of electric automobiles, it would be utter nonsense.

    There are still two highly motivated large corporations with very good financial backgrounds - but Mahindra seems to me to be ahead on this point too.

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

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    Hello Tom.

    That's what we do!
    SAAB = Wait and see for a vocation ......

    Best regards

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      SAAB = Certainly also out of enthusiasm

      More nice word games, please ...

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        Saab = Swedish cars out of desire

        Many greetings to all.

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          Saab = heavy but also agile - only a few heavy vehicles have such good handling!

          Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein

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            Saab = Certainly more attractive than BMW. Of course only if BMW does not buy this pearl yet.

            Swiss greetings

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            Saab = Sweden's most attractive car
            Saab = Sweden's answer to train driving
            Saab = sensational, extraordinary, attractive, beguiling
            Saab = Sensational cars out of enthusiasm
            Saab = Sensational cars as an accompaniment
            Saab = Sensational cars as a term
            Saab = Sensational cars as an example
            Saab = Sensational cars absolutely bioethanol
            Saab = Sensational cars all charming

            Maybe someone will come up with something better with sensational cars ...

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