SAAB News: Good prospects for the "SAAB" brand

There is great ambition behind the work of the Saab administrators. You would like to present a ready-made solution for the continuation of the brand and the production in Sweden. Since the brand rights are not with the Saab Automobile AB, but with Scania and the Saab AB, the agreement of both companies is necessary.

Kent Hägglund is the responsible administrator for trademark rights. He makes sure that the royal griffin can also be seen on the cars from Trollhättan in the future. "It looks pretty good," he said yesterday in an interview with the local newspaper in Trollhättan. Talks with Saab AB, Scania, the administrators and the future owners are on good terms. There are few details, but Hägglund is optimistic about finding a good solution.

The news is good and indeed points to a continuation of the Saab brand. The administrators do a good job and every now and then they release a little bit of information to the public. We all want more, but we won't get any more. There is a press conference next week and the expectations are high. But maybe there are only a few crumbs from the administrators' table, because they want to wait until the ink is dry with the "breaking news".

Not only we wait. Trollhättan is also looking forward to a decision. The communal real estate company go out of the rental space. Due to the start-ups, the vacancy dropped to only 2%. Now the question arises whether one plans new commercial premises or not. While some suppliers such as Lear have closed local production, leases with others are still ongoing until the end of the year.

The future of the factory premises will decide everything for the city. If cars are built there again and 1000 or 2000 new jobs are created, the municipality will emerge stronger from the crisis. Perhaps the severe crisis will strengthen the entire car cluster in Sweden. Because, and that is a positive side effect, a lot of competence has remained in Trollhättan and many new companies have been founded. The seat development staff at Lear have now set up their own company. Knowledge from international corporations flows back into Swedish hands.

A Trollhättan-based company, Autocom, now has the internationally coveted one for its mobile diagnostic equipment Red Dot Design Award 2012 to get. Innovation from Trollhättan. The topic continues and the Saab Story is not over yet.

On the contrary. We start writing a new chapter. Exciting times.


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  • That sounds really good. The insolvency lawyers would not go to so much trouble if it did not come to HAPPY END by TROLLS
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    that sounds good, we HOPE on.
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