Saab News: Update on the donation campaign for the Saab Museum

It's Bergfest on our appeal for donations to support the Saab Museum. Time for a short summary. As we all know, the fixed cost of maintaining the “holy halls” on the Göta Alv is an estimated 1,5 million crowns. In addition, there are another 1,4 million crowns for renting the property. According to the current exchange rate, that is round about 330 T € per year. This is a lot for the Västragötland region and the Trollhättan municipality that share the costs.

We currently have € 850 in our donation pot. A nice and high amount, which we are very proud of to be honest. Despite the short donation period, we received a very large donation in the three-digit range from a Saab dealer from the north as well as some 50 € donations from Saab drivers. But I think we can do more. So let's go. We still manage the thousand euros. on tour

Our goal is to hand the donation over to a city leader or innovator next weekend. This is then reported in detail again. on tour

8 thoughts on "Saab News: Update on the donation campaign for the Saab Museum"

  • Hey there!
    I also want to donate, who will send me the account details?

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

  • Hi Tom,

    please send me the mail as well.
    I've just been in Trollhättan and of course in the museum (have we run past each other?), But it'll take a while before I get back

    Best regards and a nice WE, Cetak

  • Hi Tom,

    please send me the mail. Also wanted to ask.

    Thank you and nice weekend!

  • Can I also transfer the money directly to you, because PayPal still buys something, right?

  • Donate tomorrow 50 Euro!

  • Great action and great success. Donated! Greetings from Munich and a nice weekend of the SAAB community and the bloggers!

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