SAAB News: 10 billion for production start

Let's summarize this day briefly. Whoever expected one of Victor Muller's famous performances today, was disappointed. Muller left the courthouse in Vänersborg before the end of the trial by the side entrance. A return coach against Lofalk, expected by the media, was missing. But we'll see the former CEO in court many times, that's for sure.

The processing of the past has just begun and it will take a long time. A period of time for the duration of the insolvency wanted to know today the presiding judge Cecilia Tisell of Hans Bergqvist. It will probably take a very long time, so his answer. Not unusual, because the process is very extensive and international. Even if the sale is completed, the insolvency proceedings will continue until the last remaining files have been processed.

There were some interesting details to be found around the courthouse in Vänersborg. There are suppliers with whom Saab has agreed a so-called "super priority" during the reconstruction. As a rule, these are companies that would be particularly hard hit by a complete bad debt loss. These companies, said to be 74, will in all likelihood receive 20 million kroner. The rest will go away empty-handed with non-prioritized claims.

Which, of course, depends on the sales revenue generated for the complete group. Some in Sweden think that there is hope for a small share, but that is not certain.

There was also a statement from Lotus Youngman today. The lawyer of the Chinese John Nylèn did not comment on the given bid, but on the plans of his clients. For the start of production 10 will provide billions of crowns and in order to launch the business plan for Saab V2.0 it should be completely 20 billion.

So John Nylèn is sure that we will see another car production in Trollhättan. Guy Lofalk holds against. He told every pressman today that he'd find it highly unlikely ever again to see a production of new Saabs in the Stallbacka.

The man who should know, who could answer our questions, is silent. Hans Bergqvist is as mysterious as ever. No details penetrate outside, no names are mentioned. What are the administrators doing with the bids? Several times Bergqvist was asked that today.

"Vi utvärderar dem" - We rate them, he told the press. Bergqvist will give his ritual press conference tomorrow. Does it remain mysterious or does it let the cat out of the bag? I don't venture a forecast. We will see.


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  • .. forget this Lofalk. In my opinion, he didn't have the right spirit right from the start. This is ultimately also shown by his statement above. This is called “stepping on”.
    Saab up!

  • Hans L. Bergqvist should realize that the worldwide SAAB supporters are rightly getting quite impatient and now finally want to see “butter in the fish”!

    It is well known that Swedish thrillers are dragged on forever and the daily routine in Sweden takes place a little slower than elsewhere in the world (even experienced several times on Swedish holidays) - in terms of SAAB, however, a healthy time limit is now likely to be exceeded. Mr. Bergqvist (with almost 100 lawyers to deal with the matter) now clearly had enough time to come to a decision. The saying “vi utvärderar dem” (we evaluate) spans the spectrum tremendously! It literally smells bad that more and more money is to be tapped here - you shouldn't try to distract you from your own machinations with Mr. Lofalk - it's slowly getting embarrassing!

    • blank

      There is a consolation: Danish detective stories last even longer. Because 20 consequences of long wrong perpetrators followed, and the correct introduced only in the last episode.

      Does that remind us of a real procedure?

  • blank

    ritual press conference is well said

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