SAAB News: The cacophony of Guy Lofalk

Anders Behring Breivik is in court in Oslo. Nevertheless, the lawyer Guy Lofalk made it into the headlines of the Swedish press this morning. As we all knew, he uses today's court spectacle to make his point of view clear.

Lofalk is about a lot. His reputation as a lawyer is at stake and it is about his references to the failed reconstruction. No wonder that it attacks today in an interview with Dagens Industri Muller and Youngman sharp. For Victor Muller, the former Saab CEO, he has only scathing criticism.

He accuses him of failure to comply with the duty to inform and obey in relation to his duty to advise the administrator. “Every essential guideline was not followed. The work was difficult. Far from carrying out a serious reconstruction ”, Lofalk said in an interview.

The prerequisite for the reconstruction, the possibility that Lotus-Youngman and Pang Da join as partners in Saab, according to his information was never given. GM never advocated this. That was wrong information, says Lofalk.

Even with Lotus-Youngman, possibly the new owner of Saab, he is harshly judged. Lofalk becomes clear and says that the promises of funding have not been kept. "Youngman always paid too little and too late," the lawyer said today. He had twice stood before the reconstruction was abandoned due to a lack of funds.

Lofalk drives heavy gun. At 10: 00 pm, he meets Victor Muller and other former Saab managers in Vänersborg. The atmosphere should be icy.

Before we judge, we should consider the following. Truth is sometimes a very subjective matter. Saab wanted Lofalk and Muller had to submit to Lofalk. The fact that two personalities met with a strong will was tragic. It was another building block to the way into bankruptcy.

As far as Lotus Youngman is concerned, we should be very relaxed. The Chinese were then called by the NDRC to the utmost caution. Not wrong. It has been adhered to. Lotus Youngman is on the claim list with a very small amount. Why ? There was collateral for every payment. Sometimes a part of a rear axle or else a component of the PhoeniX platform. Whether Youngman would be a good owner for Saab or not is not the question. At least not up to date. They are good merchants. Either way.


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    My dream partner would not be YOUNGMAN. But we have a choice

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    The GM was not a good mother is no longer up for discussion, what Saab needs is not a good mother, but courageous managers who can handle the intellectual capital. I only sometimes doubt the JAJ since after 40 years decline is the right one on the board. Fresh strategies are needed.

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      JAJ has not been on the board since 2010. Is with Vattenfall or something.

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        JAJ has been back for a month. is somewhere in the blog. please just read.

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          Is not he really. That stood (please for leniency) on another blog which is also busy with SAAB * cough * The author / blogger / economist / ROVER driver wanted to launch this as April Fool's joke. But went wrong

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          This message came on another Saab &…. Blog and was published there on April 1st (there are quite a few dates when you shouldn't believe everything)

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            I see. Thanks Peter & Frank. But I would have been very surprised, because some people have a strange sense of humor.

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      JAJ has long been a thing of the past - he and I have always doubted the attitude of this manager towards the "mother". I could never see great assertiveness and stamina in him.

      It remains to be seen how the new owner will fill the head post in Trollhättan - I do not only trust the people of Mahindra & Mahindra to have a lot more instinct in this regard than comparatively Youngman-Lotus.

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    Good merchants are you, one way or the other. Saab needs a good mother. Also at GM there are good merchants. There was no trace of a good mother

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