SAAB dates: Luxembourg - Castrop-Rauxel - Viechtach

Our calendar for the Swedish cult brand with the griffin has received several updates. Saab dates worth noting because the community is highly active. In May, the Saab Club Luxembourg organizes its spring outing. After a coffee, the participants start with a road book for a ride through the beautiful Grand Duchy.

Saab 9000, Saab 900, Saab Meeting classic city Frankfurt
Saab 9000, Saab 900, Saab Meeting classic city Frankfurt

Around noon there is lunch in Mascherwald. Of course, Saab friends and drivers from Germany are also welcome. To register by mail is requested.

I am told that the Saab Turbo X density is particularly high in Luxembourg. Unfortunately, another family member already has an appointment on this day - and cannot be persuaded to cancel it. But I'm working on it. Because a trip to Luxembourg would be tempting.

In August, the traditional Saab regulars' table is announced in Würzburg. In the past, a permanent institution, it seems, it takes place less and less. But what could change. Another new date is still a long way off. Josef Zabel is already holding his 3rd Saab parts market in Castrop-Rauxel. A September date that is a must, especially for fans of classic Saabs. The longest journey is worth it, that's a promise.

The first Saab meeting in the Bavarian Forest is also an autumn date, almost to the season finale. This corner of Bavaria has not necessarily been noticed as a Saab stronghold. In October there will be a Saab weekend to which you can meet until July 15.07th. should register. The Bavarian Forest is a particularly beautiful part of the Free State. One more reason to visit the region as a Saab driver.

As always, all dates are without guarantee and in case of doubt it is advised to inquire with the organizer. Because we only keep the calendar and announce announced dates, but we do not organize.

Anyone who organizes a meeting in his region has our support and is welcome to contact us.

Yet another indication of a current date. On Friday the monthly Stammtisch of the regional Saab club takes place in Frankfurt. As always, all friends of the brand are welcome.



4 thoughts on "SAAB dates: Luxembourg - Castrop-Rauxel - Viechtach"

  • The Bavarian Forest is a beautiful, but unfortunately not typical SAAB area, which probably lies in the cities of Munich, Regensburg, Dingolfing / Lndshut and Ingolstadt.

    But the SAAB / OPEL dealer in Furth is to be recommended, I myself always drove from Kelheim out there (about 100 KM) although in Regensburg also a workshop for the beautiful cars from Sweden is settled.

    For the critics:
    Even near Ingolstadt you can find a dealer for the brand with the grip, I know that.

    Since I probably no longer live here in October in the region, unfortunately I can not attend the event, but still wish a lot of fun here.

    my 900 / II Cabriolet has now TÜV / AU new and must be sold (unfortunately). I / We bought the 206 car as a wedding car and have had almost no abnormalities since then except wearing parts.

    Since the person in charge of the blog is likely to be able to read my email, I would be glad if anyone interested in such a car is here to contact me. Details / photos I will gladly send.

    @ Tom:
    If you bring the report on the 900 / II (you wrote something about it here a few days ago) - from 5 years I can only say - GREAT CAR

  • Hallo,

    I organize the meeting in the Bavarian Forest.

    If you go to the website of the venue - - click, know why the meeting is taking place there. It's just a very good location for a meeting.

    The Saab density in our region is not very high, but there were also official Saab dealers in Cham, Regensburg, Straubing and Passau.

    There are already applications for the meeting from Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Switzerland.

    I would be happy to see a lot of Saab's in the carving mill - take a look at the site!

    Best regards!


  • Thanks Uli, if I did not have you. Next time I ask you before I write nonsense. LG Tom

  • Keyword Viechtach:

    In the vicinity of Viechtach (Furth in the forest, about 35 km away) is an Opel / Saab dealer resident, who has sold quite a lot of Saab for this comparatively small place in the years 1995 to 2008. Not infrequently it happens that during the passage in Furth iW two to three Saab are to be seen. Where else does this happen?
    At this dealer was at least until four weeks ago, a new 9-5 flat tire and waiting for a buyer.

    Because of this Saab density in the border region probably also the venue Viechtach.

    Best regards,


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