SAAB News: 3,2 billion for Saab and again Victor Muller

Yesterday was long and eventful from Saab's point of view. Before the administrators' press conference takes place, just a few notes from our mailbox. Saab made it into the daily press yesterday, with business topics. Lotus Youngman is said to have placed 3.2 billion kroner for Saab as a firm offer, according to a not yet confirmed report from Sweden. In addition a comprehensive package, which secures the location Trollättan.

We are still waiting for more details, the confirmations are pending and we will see how interesting today really is. After the story of the 54 missing BMW engines went through the Swedish press and blog yesterday, the engine press here in the country also took notice. BMW denied this in the Autobild once again all ambitions on Saab.

And Victor Muller gave with SWAN, soon Spyker again, but still one press release out. Guy Lofalk is to be prosecuted and also from the law firm Lindahl you want compensation. From the former because he was (unsuccessful) Rekonstrukteur and got 11 million crowns. Of the latter because Lindahl lawyer Lars-Henrik Andersson for just this job first and then canceled. This caused considerable damage to Saab.

What Muller yesterday was not wordless gone off the stage, which would have surprised.

Back to the topic Cars. That's what the blog is about.

But sometimes the material goes out of the media. What happens then? One operates second utilization and brings old reports from the drawer. Not even a year, the editors of the engine classic needed to re-publish a report on the same Saab 900i slightly modified.

It's about a Saab 900i with just 25.000 Km on the clock now republished has been. In May 2011 there was almost the same report with almost identical photographic material in the same publisher.

Incidentally, the owner's love for his sky-blue cult car did not last long. Because shortly after the publication of the sky-blue Swede landed in a car portal to Sales, 10.000,00 € should sweeten the separation pain of the non-turbo charged, lean equipped, 3-gear automatic, Swedish. The plan probably will not work.

So we finally finished Monday. Next we wait for the statement of the administrators. Through the Youngman indiscretion the story could pick up speed. We stay tuned.


2 thoughts on "SAAB News: 3,2 billion for Saab and again Victor Muller"

  • Good morning everyone.
    A slight off topic ...
    I am 30 years old, have not had 10 Saabs. I'm an avid Saab driver for only 5 years.
    I and I think I'm not the only one who would like (no matter if Mahindra .. Bmw ... Youngman (please not)) a new 93 hatch that has a future-oriented, hybrid drive and, above all, is available in a cheap version. That's how Saab addressed young people back then .. that's how they should do it now.
    I hope for good breaking news ...


  • blank

    So if Mr. Muller were to get claims for damages and the employees in southern Sweden didn't even receive their wages, it would culminate in absolute cheek ......

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