Saab News: Fundraiser for the Saab Museum - Finale

The original idea behind the fundraiser was to set a sign in Trollhättan.

Saabs on the Road - Past, present ...

We wanted to show that here in Germany, too, the Saab community is still behind the brand with the griffin and is aware of its history. The initially hoped for € 1.000 was quickly achieved. By Friday of this week we will have raised almost € 2.000 with your support. This is currently over 17.000 Swedish kronor as the German contribution to the running maintenance costs of the museum. We have already established contact with Anna-Karin Gustaffson from the local TTELA and with Paul Akerlund (the mayor of Trollhättan). On behalf of many loyal dealers, readers and Saab drivers, will present this donation to the museum on Saturday morning. This is of course reported in detail. Promised…

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