SAAB News: Saab administrators press conference

Update: 10: 35

The names Mahindra and Lotus-Youngman are circulating in the press in Sweden. Hans Bergqvist did not use both words today, of course. Negotiations are underway with “a handful” of buyers and the continuation of the Saab brand plays a central role. All parties want, with slight deviations, to continue car production in Sweden.

On the question of a local reporter, whether the administrators can guarantee, came a negative. The lawyer's job was done with the sale.

It goes into the details, we could clearly hear it at today's conference. The administrators try to get the best possible price and the question is what is included in the purchase price. The Saab Parts AB should definitely be part of the complete package. The sale of the group itself should be completed before the summer. So we still have to wait 2 months.

It depends on the creditworthiness of the possible new Saab owners. Now facts have to be provided on the table and evidence. Another disaster, such as the purchase by Spyker, an owner with empty pockets but full of visions, you want to save the brand and Trollhättan in any case. We should be right. Dear Patience, but a sustainable solution.

During the time of waiting, the equipment should be kept in as good a condition as possible. The insolvency proceedings themselves will take a long time. Currently, administrators are beginning to review individual transactions between Saab and other parties. The report should be available at the end of the year. More headlines are thus to be guessed.

In two weeks it goes on. Then comes the next press conference. We have to be patient. No breaking news today.


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    From me also beautiful Purzeltach! Hope your feeling is right!

  • Today - on my birthday - the die is definitely cast in favor of SAAB, we just don't know yet!

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      Happy Birthday Thomas!

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      Happy Birthday. Everything has to be alright

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    Surely that can't be true - the trio of administrators with 100 lawyers in tow still hasn't carried out any credit checks ?!

    The names of the investors have been known for months - in particular, Mahindra & Mahindra and Youngman-Lotus have shown great interest for several months. At least here everything could have been done.

    Or is it about the bidders unknown to us? According to the behavior of the administrators, at least equivalent or even better-placed corporations should then have appeared on the scene. Otherwise the further delay would make no sense in my eyes - unless the trio of administrators is really only interested in further substantial income of their own. Should this be the case, however, this would also come to light at some point.

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    oh man .... I keep my fingers crossed! If the rescue should actually work ... I'll open a barrel!

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