SAAB Inside: Saab is on the way ...

From time to time we take a look behind the scenes of what's going on apart from the big headlines. More interesting than a look at the business news is the “inside” view of the business activities of the Swedes. It's the stories that make blogging interesting. Let's take a look today at Nyköping and Frankfurt, let's take a look at spare parts supply and internet activities.

Nyköping. Nyköping is the former and current Saab headquarters. A few weeks ago, the first international meeting of the Saab Country Directors and the Swedish executives of Saab Parts AB took place after the 19. December. The meeting lasted two days, and during all this time Administrator Hans Bergqvist was a member of the Parts AB management. The administrators work very professionally on the file Saab, and during the days in Nyköping the participants realized that Bergqvist was concerned with the future of the group.

Spare Parts. The benchmark of the auto industry is somewhere near 97% availability of spare parts. Saab has increased supply capability week by week, sometime in early February, the 90% hurdle and now approaches the top value. The spare parts situation continues to normalize, and the crisis-related backlog of supplies is systematically processed. As a result, the deliverability of all Saab Service Partners is noticeably improved.

Internet. The Saab website has not been changed for months. For the first few weeks of the year, more important things were on the agenda. Now a new presence of Saab Parts AB is created, which is adapted to the current situation. First, the international side will make its debut, then come the pages for the national companies. A crisis is a crisis. But a crisis is always an opportunity for a new start. In Nyköping and Saab you use your chances. That's my impression. Other activities on the Internet, so Saab has not yet, are planned.

Frankfurt. Germany was once a very important market for Saab. That was long ago. An endless list of business leaders has understood neither market, nor brand, nor customers. For that we forgot their name. Germany has lost influence in Trollhättan for years. Something else that is changing now. The Saab team led by Country Director Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher is doing a very good job. In the last few months, a lot of private involvement was required and the art of improvisation was in demand. All hurdles were taken. That pays off now. I hope not to be too indiscreet, because Frankfurt will read along as always when I tell you that the German market is above plan.

The demand for Saab original spare parts increases from month to month. Which is perhaps also due to the fact that you not only live in Saab, but also after sales. However, this is the stuff of another, small, typical Saab story. As a result of this positive development, the German branch has become a benchmark within the European Saab national companies. Our voice will have more weight in Sweden in future and will be heard even more.

In Frankfurt you do not rest on initial successes. More exciting things are currently evolving, and we will have more positive news to report in the coming weeks.



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  • Unfortunately I am not in Germany, but I work at a company in Vienna. Unfortunately, I no longer have a sale, but a great workshop for old and new saab.bin saab vienna for 30 years. Many greetings to all saab drivers.bin also one

  • The delivery quota is related to which vehicles / model years? The benchmark refers to all parts or only to specific parts group?
    I'm still waiting for screws from the steering knuckle, radio adapter frame and various small parts. Of course I drive an “exotic” with my 95 MY 2003.

  • Hmmmmmm…. wasn't Jan-Ake Jonsson also Saab Germany director once? I think he ran at least once in the Frankfurt Marathon. Should have been around 2000 .. 2002.

  • Good insider report! Thanks Tom 🙂

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