SAAB support: Your donations to the Saab Museum

Some things happen in the right place, at the right time. Our trip to Trollhättan, planned for the long term, was not intended as a donation tour. 10 days before our departure Mark had the idea not to go empty-handed to Sweden.

Saab Museum Trollhttan, Saab 900
Saab Museum Trollhttan, Saab 900

The right idea at the right time. Our donation of € 2010,00 was accepted with great enthusiasm by Peter Bäckström, the curator of the museum, and by the Saab veterans. Because it was the first major international donation after the museum was saved. The museum is now safe, has long-term prospects, but much remains to be done.

Everything that happens in Trollhättan and is associated with the name Saab is closely monitored. It is not just a sign for investors that we are behind the brand. It is also a particularly important signal for the municipal authorities. Because the collection currently lives very heavily on the voluntary work of the Saab veterans.

Saab Museum: Saab Veterans, Peter Bäckström, Tom
Saab Museum: Saab Veterans, Peter Bäckström, Tom

Next to Peter Bäckström they carry the complete load. They look after the visitors, cook coffee, bring cakes and are very competent and friendly contact persons. Many of them have worked for 30 and more years in various positions at Saab.

Also, some of you speak our language perfectly. In the museum workshop, former Saabians take care of the restoration of the historic vehicles. There are no better employees, because they were often instrumental in the development of museum vehicles.

Saab Museum Donation: Saab Veteran, Mark, Peter, Tom
Saab Museum Donation: Saab Veteran, Mark, Peter, Tom

Volunteering is a noble thing that deserves our high recognition! However, further efforts are needed to put the museum on a broader financial footing. At the moment we are working on a form of organization that should enable companies, organizations and individuals to donate directly to the museum. In the near future, there will be more information from Peter Bäckström, who stays in contact with us.

Because, I say quite frankly, more money is needed. The museum staff took a lot of time for us, we had a lot of conversations. We left the halls of the Saab collection long after the official evening. While walking through the museum workshop and the magazine we were able to see all the treasures, some of which have never been exhibited in public. Many treasures from the past are slumbering in the museum's warehouse, but processing requires considerable funds. That is why we will continue to work for the museum hand in hand with our Swedish friends.

Our fundraising campaign has so far raised more than € 2200,00, of which we have so far passed 2010,00 on to the museum. Since there are more amounts every day, we hope for a nice additional amount that we will transfer to the donation account.

Saab Museum donation: letter from Japan
Saab Museum donation: letter from Japan

In the German and Swedish Web, our action has been a topic of discussion in recent days. Some, unfortunately also from our country, who call themselves Saab fans, wanted to construct problems and differences that do not exist. Without wanting to offer a platform for certain mood-makers, the following should be said:

We were greeted warmly and warmly everywhere in Trollhättan. Since the city is manageable and we came outside of the travel season, the Swedes knew very well who we are through the article in the TTELA. We did not hear a single unkind word or experienced a corresponding gesture. But on the contrary ! The Swedes are a very hospitable and open people, on principle. This time, even more than usual, this heat was felt.

Because we all come from a family, the Saab family. She is international and knows no borders. Your donations, which we were allowed to hand over to Peter Bäckström, came from all over the world. The longest path was taken by Richard, who sent us his support and a long, heartfelt letter from Kisarazu-Shi, Japan.

I think Mark had the right idea. And I think we should go on like this. Because the way is right, and the legacy of our cult brand from Trollhättan needs our support!


7 thoughts on "SAAB support: Your donations to the Saab Museum"

  • Thank you for the donation.

    I was in Trollhättan at the beginning of April. In addition to the museum, I visited some of my favorite places as always. The water tower, the waterfalls (even if the locks were not open this time), the various stages of evolution of the Götakanalschleusen, Hunne-ud Halleberg ..., the Saabwerk (where many Saabs were still for sale on the site), ANA ...

    I have to say my Saag only gave me the idea to visit Sweden before 3 years ago and I did not regret it. Since then I have been there twice and it will not stay that way. The country is very beautiful, the people always very nice and also with the weather, I had luck so far.

    Best regards Cetak

  • My donation is well spent! Thank you for your commitment.

    If the museum finds the right organizational form, we may even be able to involve the tax office in our donations.

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth to the “other” Ulrich! 😉

  • Can only agree with the positive reviews, I am pleased that our donations have arrived well in Sweden. If it continues with donations to the Saab Museum, please info.
    In the best of hope for SAAB, I greet from northern Germany.


  • Our statement was clear and unambiguous. If the museum founds an association to support us, we are there. Greetings to all SAAB drivers!

  • Super action! I am proud to have contributed to this.
    By the way, the comments on the other blog could not read, just niveaulos.

    Am with further actions also again.
    Now it's time to hope!
    Best regards to all Saabfans.

  • The idea to donate was and is really good!
    We're all behind SAAB and should show it.
    Here in the museum rests the past of a brilliant, incomparable brand and this must be secured for the future.
    Even though its value was just a drop in the ocean, it sets signs of solidarity and hopefully has many imitators from other countries as well.
    I was with the donors and will do it again !!!
    Can't I swap the sports combo in the photo for my 9-5II? I'll also add a few crowns ... 🙂

  • Thanks to Tom and Mark who sacrificed their free time and made the long trip to THN. SAAB is having a hard time. It is important that we show our support.

    More actions for SAAB should follow!

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