SAAB News: Maud Olofsson on GM and Antonov

Yesterday, the former Minister of Economic Affairs Maud Olofsson was interviewed before the Investigative Committee of the Swedish Reich to the Saab affair surrounding Vladimir Antonov. Members of the opposition, Peter Jonsson and Jörgen Hellman, wanted to know if the government had rejected the former banker as Saab Investor.

The role of the government in Stockholm has been much speculated in the past. But there were no real surprises or new discoveries. Above all, there was no clarity, the gaff about the recent past is probably going on. General Motors and the EIB were responsible for stopping the negotiations that the government had not intervened, Olofsson said. She was astonished about the termination of talks by GM.

The Americans had repeatedly stressed that they had accepted Antonov as a shareholder in Saab. Against this background, Vladimir Antonov had tried to wash away the accusation of money laundering through an investigation by the Kroll detective agency and had also presented these results on his website. In order to make the business palatable to the Americans, the Russian GM wanted to release the Saab shares without voting rights. The proposal is said to have been accepted in Detroit and only after the EIB's objection did the business fail - says GM.

Research on Antonov in Sweden had the national debt management only then arranged as the first money laundering rumors about the Russians came up, said Maud Olofsson yesterday.

Whoever thought the questioning would reveal unknown details, was disappointed. Statement is still against statement. But more was not expected and both Antonov and Olfosson are just footnotes of the Saab past. More important is what the future brings.


3 thoughts on "SAAB News: Maud Olofsson on GM and Antonov"

  • As it is called back to the core business!
    Liberation from the claws of GM the SAAB used to blow them out to let them die.
    Failure to install the large AMI slides in SAAB. That has nothing to do with SAAB. GM could not build real turbos right now
    SAAB can be sais. See Opel etc.
    The right way to start small modest with high quality SAAB idea and healthy financing.
    I believe in SAAB the last ones will be the first with the right captain at the helm.
    Heinz Baumberger Winznau / Switzerland

  • Just about everything cold coffee, what is important is what the future brings. Was there no new insider news on the trip to Sweden? Hopefully the insolvency administrators will soon let the cat out of the bag. Eternal waiting annoys, and that is probably not only me. It's time for (good) news.

    • blank

      Impressions from Trollhättan and a little Saab Inside will come ...

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