SAAB News: Saab Germany in new premises

The path is steep, but Saab has been climbing uphill step by step since December 19th. A lot has happened in a positive way after the “black day”. The supply of spare parts is at a pleasing level; new body parts are manufactured in the press shop in Sweden. These are just a few examples of good development.

In Germany, the Saab branch now leaves Carl-Benz-Strasse in Frankfurt / Fechenheim. The rooms there were a provisional after the move from Rüsselsheim. From the beginning, the locations were not planned for a long stay. It now goes in the direction of Taunus, back to the area where Saab had its home in the glory days.

From the 2. May is the German branch in Eschborn. The adress is:

Saab Automobile Parts AB

Mergenthalerallee 73 - 75

65760 Eschborn

Our favorite brand is taking another step towards the future and more will follow. Currently, the Saab dealer list has been revised in Sweden so that the current status can be found on the Saab website.

Attentive observers were able to follow on the Internet that intensive work was carried out on the pages. A complete relaunch of the website is in progress and the premiere is coming soon. Under the slogan “We take care of your Saab”, the offer is tailored to the service area of ​​Saab Parts AB and to new business projects. I really liked the first designs and they fit our cult brand.

With the move to the Taunus Saab starts into a new era. GM is history and also the provisional in Fechenheim. The Taunus, with its traditionally high Saab density, is more than a symbol of better Saab times. Therefore something inside talk.

Saab Germany was previously at home in Bad Homburg / Taunus. Back then, you had many employees, several branches, and Saab Germany was a successful importer as an independent GmbH. Then came the slow decline and in the final the move to Rüsselsheim. With the “Direct Dealer Concept” from GM, more and more competencies were shifted from Germany to Sweden. The German company lost its importance until the GmbH was dissolved and Saab Germany became a dependent branch.

Saab Germany, we hear from Sweden, should become an independent company again. This would strengthen the German market. Decisions and competencies would be at home in Eschborn. With the team of Saab boss Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, who fights tirelessly for the brand, then much would be possible.

It could be, sometime in the future, again an independent importer for cars from Trollhättan in the Taunus at home. A nice idea!

Good Saab news for today. My small, quite Swedish inauguration gift for the Saab crew is already ready and will be handed over soon ...


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  • That sounds a little strange - and can we really cheer? The move to the new premises of Saab Germany is completely incomprehensible with the outstanding amounts that are still available to the employees. What form of organization should that be now? What is the rent actually being paid from?
    In addition, no word is lost here or about the 5 colleagues who were terminated in Germany and have worked partly for 20 years for Saab with heart and soul. A pity.

    • Hello Werner,

      the organizational form in this case is SAAB PARTS AB, currently a Swedish state company. Thus the rent should be secured. Of course, it is sad that many well-deserved work at SAAB or the dealers lost their jobs in the course of bankruptcy. The idea of ​​“parking” some employees under the umbrella of Parts AB, so that in the event of a restart that we all hoped for, not having to start all over again, should also be appreciated.

      Not all of this vision was credited to a Swedish state-owned company.

      • As a result, Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher has been taken over by Saab Automobile Parts AB as head of Germany ... whereas the employees who have served SAAB for a long time (!) And who have now been terminated have high liabilities to Saab “old”. The only thing (to me) is that this should be mentioned, before someone praises someone in person, during whose time not a single car was built - without wanting to reduce their performance.

        In any case, Gerard Ratzmann in Ffm will definitely support any kind of my side. He is truly an institution and veteran, even then on the side of Kalli Knöss, who showed courage with Borgward and achieved his first successes.

  • Tomorrow Tom.

    Thank you for your answer about buying a car.
    And wish you in the great weather a whole
    schönen Tag

  • It's been going up for a long time, that's nice to see. My FSW called me on Monday, the Saab Navi Update DVD, which has been ordered for almost half a year, is here.

  • Well, I already know where to make a trip to the next visit to my daughter in Bad Homburg!
    All the best and most of all much success Mr. Schumacher in the new rooms. How were we in Leipzig when you announced the sales message, which unfortunately did not come to fruition.
    Let's hope for a good exit now. The tension is increasing.

  • The best SAAB news for D this year!

  • Hi Tom.
    What should I do, we need a new car.

    Our 9 5 Aero is beyond the 300,000 km limit,
    But is still running very well and
    does not cause any problems.

    But my wife is on my neck and says it must now go something with a new car.

    We looked at the nine Jaguar station wagon in Geneva and it would be close to a Saab for me and my wife

    So Tom quite honest question to you, we should still
    wait or what would the Saab expert Tom
    We advise you to ask you or other readers for honest advice.

    • An honest answer: wait until the end of June - or buy a 9-3 sports suit as an interim solution. Some beautiful Griffins are still new.

      • Hi Tom,

        what is the 30.06.12 now again for a new meaningful appointment?

        We assumed that the new owner of SAAB-Automobile will be announced in the next week (at the latest) and then production will gradually start again - the answer to the question from sleeping beauties sounds like that specifically 30.06.12/XNUMX/XNUMX is a significant date.

        Please provide further information for clarification.

        Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

      • Hello Joachim, it's my personal date. Until the 30.06.12, the lease for the press shop is running and I therefore expect a new owner at the latest from the 01.07. Ideally, I would imagine that the administrators already show their colors earlier, I would not mind.

      • When you see how they have built so far, I think the end of June is a more realistic date. As long as there is work behind the walls, I don't care - confidentiality clauses are non-disclosure clauses, and it is better to observe them. Only the uncertainty is a bit annoying.

    • We felt the same way.

      What if it is, as is known, to Saab and you want to buy a new car? My wife and I liked the Jaguar very well. So we have the X-? viewed and a test drive agreed. This led, inter alia, in a test and development center of a well-known brand. The car was hardly on the site, there came to the boss of the whole also responsible for the development department and test drives engineer. "Hey, you have a Jaguar!" The car was inspected. Then, carefully and with the demonstration car, it went on the test track. In short, I always wanted to buy a Jaguar. Dreamlike cars! Great design! We were determined.

      After that day I bought a 9-5 II. I ask for leniency that I do not give details here. (Without a lawyer, I'm not sure enough there) But I wonder how the press comes to their assessment. Invited by the manufacturer in California on straight, smooth highways in the sunshine? I dont know. I am not a professional and I do not want to accuse you.

      At the request of the Jaguar seller, I told him and showed him what I had learned. He did not recognize many things until after I pointed out, he confirmed other things immediately. "Then they will certainly not buy a Jaguar." He hit the mark. Too bad for him. A pity for me? I am very satisfied with my decision for the 9-5.

      Postscript: When I announced to come over once again with an 9-5, the gentlemen said: "Did not need. We already had it here. Great car! "Even though they would have preferred, I would have opted for a car from their production.

  • Are you safe with Kronberg (is not there Jaguar?). Very early Saab in Nieder-Eschbach and then in Bad Homburg and then Opel in Rüsselsheim.

  • Should it not be expected to continue with SAAB, then at least we have a secure spare part supply and a dealer network. Because then we have to drive our Swedes just a long time.
    My compliments and thanks to Mr. Schuhmacher and his dedicated team where our brand is in good hands.

    • If I look at the runtimes of other SAABs and then hope that the 1999 9-5 is just as solid, then mine still has a good 150.000 to maybe 200.000 km to drive ...

    • Since I like to join and wish a good start.

  • When I see the SAAB Germany website like that, I mainly see advertisements for cars that we will never get ... unfortunately. By nature I am averse to station wagons, but the 9-5 sports suit ... has something.

    Well ... let's see what the future brings.

    Greetings from the Saar (b) land

    • See, yes, configure no. The configurator is gone.

      @ Tom: These are really good SAAB News!

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