SAAB pictures: The last Saab of an era are being built

Saab currently lives in different worlds. In the one with a lot of expertise, energy and sense of reality on Saab 2.0 worked. Even if no one yet knows what the result will look like, the foundation for a continuation of the company, with or without car production, is now laid. This foundation is sustainable and what I have seen and heard the last few weeks I like very much.

The last Saab are being built Photo by:
The last Saab are being built Photo by:

Screwing in the other world, that is to take literally, former employees of the past. The last Saab of an era are completed in Trollhättan by hand by experienced Saab employees. The assembly at ANA in Betonvägen is underway and a small look into the halls is interesting. The local newspaper has published a picture show about it.

The topic of the very last Saabs is a very busy part of the community, so we will hear a lot more about it. What exactly is in preparation, the initiators will tell in due course.


Image: TTELA

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    Dear Tom,

    Your reference to the continued existence of the company is ok. However, the remark “with or without car production” cannot be understood at all - from my point of view, continuation can only be spoken of in connection with SAAB automobile production.

    Without car production, one could no longer equate the company with the previous company SAAB-Automobile and thus not speak of a continuation of the important main features.

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      Dear Julie

      I think Tom just realistically sees it. Even if the new owners are planning a car production, then the question is in what time frame. 6 months, 1 year, 3 years. With which products?

      My feeling tells me that will take time. Take good care of your SAABs.

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        I absolutely agree with you, my SAAB 9-5 Bj. 2008 bio-ethanol with a huge equipment (factory price then about 58, tsd. €) is inherited and not sold.

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    Somehow sad but I still believe in a new beginning of SAAB! If the first steps are too small and maybe only 9-3 will work, it will continue. I am sure about that!

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