SAAB News: Final spurt in Trollhättan

The month of May will be crucial for the future of Saab. The negotiations are now in the final round and all remaining parties are invited to the final negotiations. Depending on the source, it should be 3 or 4 finalists.

All potential buyers have presented concepts that secure the Trollhättan location. Also, the aim of all possible new owners, the continuation of the Saab brand and the car production will be sought. Not to be there BAIC. The Chinese, either in the consortium or interested in Saab alone, are said to have withdrawn.

The favorite still seems to be Mahindra & Mahindra. That coincides with the opinions we heard in Trollhättan a few days ago. Because the Indians made a really good impression there.

Maybe we'll have some more details next week. And maybe we have a new owner by the end of May or the beginning of June. The long wait would come to an end. Would be nice.


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    If that takes a very long time, SAAB can not be saved because too many are unnerved or resigned to change the brand.

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    It sure sounds absolutely absurd, maybe the European is Opel. Anyone who has ever sat in the new 9.5 and then in the Insigna or Astra will notice that many components are the same. The "equality" only exists with Opel, not with the other GMs, as far as I've seen it. Saab could offer itself as a premium brand for Opel, so that Opel then also have access to non-European markets where they are currently not allowed to sell (GM policy). Perhaps Opel is looking for a way to recover through “additional sales”? Perhaps GM has recognized this and still supports it.

    Well - you can have crazy thoughts during this time.

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      compare the steering wheels in the 9-5, Insignia and Buick Lacrosse - except for the manufacturer problems, they are identical. The trim strip on the trunk lid is just as similar ... otherwise the models are very different.

      Incidentally, equality between the models probably means less that one takes something from the other, but that everyone uses the GM supplier pool (engines / transmissions, interior fittings, etc.). And if I remember correctly, after the bankruptcy with the 900 (II) at the beginning of the 90s, SAAB was left a little further out of its grip - I read once.

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    You can now clearly see that the desire to write comments is diminishing. This is not surprising either - for months various investors were “examined” and the various possibilities for SAAB automobiles were played out.

    Now is the time for action to follow.

    Dear administrators, let the cat out of the bag!

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein

    PS: In our small village in Stormarn there are at least 5 SAAB owners - here, too, the major concern Mahindra & Mahindra is at the top of the wish list (80 percent are in favor - sounds considerably more important than the number 4)!

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    I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your great reporting on our favorite brand. If I were to rely on the "normal" press, I wouldn't know anything about Saab's future. So thank you and keep it up!

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      That's when I join in. Thank you for the work done so far !! But finally hope for a happy ending!

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    It would be a little miracle. But it is well known that there are always ...

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    But who is the group from Europe? But BMW?

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    1. Pangda VP admitted in a forum that they are not actually on the Saab acquisition.
    2. Youngman chairman said everything will be clear on whether Youngman can get Saab or not in May, and “even if we don't get bankrupt Saab assets, we've got all of Saab Saab technology through Sutomobile Development AB and we can get this Use technology right away and no need time to absord and digest it "

    1. Pangda VP admitted in a forum that they failed on the acqusition case of saab.
    2. Youngman chairman said everything will be clear whether youngman can get saab or not in May, and "even if we can not get bankrupted saab assets, we have got all saab technology through Saab Sutomobile Development AB and we can use these technology immediately and no need time to absord and digest it "

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