Saab meeting; Meeting at Saab Service Höbold in wood-white

Blue sky, bright sunshine and temperatures just under thirty degrees. Definitely the ideal weather for a Saabtreffen.

Saab Service Höbold, shortly after ten o'clock - the parking lot fills up ...

 We three (my wife, their 2011 approved in Spain and then reimported 9-3 SS and I) are the first time at the Saab meeting from Saab Service Höbold in wood white. It's Saturday morning just after ten o'clock and the parking lot is already well filled. You will also be welcomed very nicely as a “newcomer” and immediately belong to the small but fine Saab community. There are drinks and a snack to strengthen yourself, a ticket sale for the raffle and lots of good Saab conversations with all kinds of Saab drivers. From the former apprentice of the house to the doctor, everything is really represented. And they come from everywhere. From Leipzig, Magdeburg, Spremberg and the Holzminden district. A Saab fan even came from the Stuttgart region. A few years ago he had a technical problem nearby and stayed where he was. Thanks to the quick help of the Höbold family, things soon continued.

More Saab drivers are constantly being added. More than thirty Saabs are quickly in the parking lot and on the street. Different models, designs and years of construction. From the thirty-nine year old 99 right hand drive! Everything is represented up to the 9-5 II: several 900s (also as convertibles), 9000s of various years and variants, 9-5 of the first generation (with and without chrome glasses), 9-3 I and II as convertibles, sedans , Sportcombi and 9-3X and of course a TurboX.

the turbo among the Saabs, 0,5 per thousand of worldwide production


The onward journey to the group photo and subsequent lunch is planned for around 12:30 p.m., so there is still enough time for a lot of Saab Talk. The Höbolds have been organizing these meetings for over ten years. After ups and downs with Saab, it is the fourth meeting after the reorganization of the Saab Service Partner, which offers its valuable services at the gates of Bitterfeld and thus in the immediate vicinity of Saab dealers in Leipzig and Halle. Currently around thirty Saab friends have their cars serviced and repaired here. At peak times, the Höbolds sold thirty-three new cars a year and had ten “screwdrivers” who took care of our beloved cars with the Greif. But times are tough, very tough. And so today, in addition to Mr. Höbold Senior and Junior, there is also an apprentice working in the company. It's like a family. Man knows each other very well. The talks are of course about the latest Saab news. In addition, tips and tricks on repairs and spare parts are exchanged. Only good things are reported here. The supply of spare parts works better and better.


Saab 99
... everyone wants to meet! No matter how


After a short welcome by Mr. Höbold Senior we went in formation to the group picture on the large Goitzschesee with subsequent drive to the Schachtbaude at the Muldestausee.


Warm welcome by family Höbold.


37 Saab !! The expert is amazed and happy. The surrounding lay people (not in the photo) are surprised.


On the way there was a special kind of sighting at the local Opel dealer. They actually sell the first really green car "Made in Rüsselsheim"


GM goes green !!


When you arrive at the Schachtbaude parking lot, many people ask themselves the exciting question: how many square meters do thirty-seven Saabs need?


Everything went well! No bumps ...


After a really delicious lunch (a big thank you to the gastronomic team of the Schachtbaude) there was a small fashion show with collections of local fashion labels for the Saabers and co-stars, but also for the male participants. This idea and the presentation did not only appeal to the ladies in the room! Subsequently, the prices of the raffle were drawn. Here was the team of Saabblog very successful !!

It was really a perfectly organized meeting and a successful trip. Well prepared by the team Höbold. Many thanks for this great day with our Saabs. We will definitely come to the next edition of this Saab meeting.

Finally, more snapshots….


Saab: Past, present ...


Heck impressions. Or: a beautiful back can also delight ...


Saab meeting. The group picture

The group picture… thanks to Lieschen and Ben

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