SAAB fleet: Independence rims and Saab 9000 project I & II

Clothes make the man, and rims are the clothes of cars. It will be like this or something like that. Our Saabine got the rims of the Independence Day convertible for the summer, and lo and behold, we have a new car! So far, the 9-3 sports suit was on 16 ″ rims. With 18 ″ and a 40 mm cross-section, the appearance and driving behavior change in a positive way.

Saab 9-3, aka Saabine, with 18 "Independence rims
Saab 9-3, aka Saabine, with 18 "Independence rims

The Saab 9-3 sports trolley with its Vector suspension is now tighter and fuller on the road without being uncomfortably hard. He drives more pleasant and precise.

On Sunday we picked up our Saab 9000 Anniversary from Bamberg. Customer service as in the Saab center Bamberg, there are probably only from the family Muckelbauer, where you are also on weekends for the Saab customers.

I don't have to tell much about it, because Muckelbauers live Saab and have a very good reputation in Saab circles. The following Monday, the Saab center had three deliveries. Almost new Saab, including a 9-5 II, got new owners. Now the yard is almost empty and it would be nice to get supplies from Sweden.

Coming home, Saab 9000 on the way home. Saabine drives in front ...
coming home, Saab 9000 on the way home. Saabine drives in front ...

Our 9000 got his big makeover with body work and Mike Sanders treatment after 14 years. Now he is fit for the next 10-15 years and will probably stay in the family forever. A detailed report with many pictures follows.

Our second Saab 9000 project by my friend Achim and me is still a bit away from completion. While Achim cleans the interior and changes or complements parts, I work on the leather interior. The front seats are almost done. Nasty burn holes and paint residues suggest a moving example of the 9000 CSE 2.3. After the Saab is technically fit again, the leather interior is now approaching the “almost delivery condition”. A little patina must be natural, because our Saabs also have a story to tell.

Almost finished: Saab 9000 seat with Bridge of Weir leather from Scotland
Almost finished: Saab 9000 seat with Bridge of Weir leather from Scotland

With classic Saab, it's fun to work with the leather. Because in the past, people in Trollhättan valued the highest possible quality and longevity. The Saab models of the 900 and 9000 series are not only noticeable in the leather. Achims Saab still has the real Saab seats, designed by Saab and built in their own factory until the 90s, he also has the particularly high-quality leather from a famous supplier from Scotland. These products, which are still found in Bentley vehicles today, are a touch better than the Elmo products that were used at the same time.

Achim's black 9000er will keep us busy for a while, and body and paint will probably only get the attention they need 2013. Because when the interior is completed, the Saab comes on the road. Screwing is one thing, only driving the Saab is much more fun.


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  • Hey Tom,
    I hope that I am correct that you wrote the article with the 18 ″ Independence rims on the 9-3 SportCombi. I have a question about it, it is really good with the rims and the difference is perhaps also noticeable when changing from 17 to 18 inches.
    Looks great.

    • Hey Günter, you are correct. The Independence rims are on my wife's 9-3 and we have switched from 16 "winter tires to 18" summer tires. The Saab is much, much better now. But it's more the difference between 16 ″ and 18 ″. I think from 17 ″ to 18 ″ you don't notice it that way, but the rims are currently very inexpensive and also beautiful….

  • Hello! The bush drum apparently works very well. Hardly at home you read about the new family entry in the blog! The Saab 9-5 II picked up at Muckelbauer is a dream! A few hundred kilometers are behind me and yes, it was a decision that couldn't have been made more correctly…. Unfortunately we waited in vain for the station wagon. Now I thought for a long time not to want to be completely without this car. Family growth also led to the decision to sell our long companion Saab 9-3 Turbo Anniversary and try the 9-5 Aero. We are excited. Watching it at the IAA is one thing, driving the vehicle yourself, indescribable. A (T) spaceship ... The car will now take the place of the 9-3. My 9-3 convertible from 2001 stays in the family, I won't leave it anywhere. Greetings to all Saab fans and loyal supporters - hope dies last!

  • How nice, Tom,
    that you are still such a child's head to look forward to your new sharp rims !! Now have to take good care of the curbs gell .. :-))
    Otherwise everything green ?? Best regards, HH
    PS Have fun in the nice weather momemtan with my red lady.

    • Very nice SAAB 9-3, Tom and Ziehmy. Look absolutely different and both really great. I would not know which one I would take.
      Or maybe. Of course the AERO

  • Hey Tom

    The rims look amazing, I'm just a bit envious, but I would like to give it to a Saab fan like you with all my heart.



  • However, I have already seen weggegegemelte Blechpfalze that were treated with Mike Sanders.
    Therefore back to the roots.
    Since there is again Elaskon :)
    I find that much more effective and better.
    Best regards

  • Class rims. Now only the convertible is missing!

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