SAAB News: Are you finally making the decision?

Could it be that for Saab, the coming 14 days will bring an end to the wait? From several sources, but not from the administrators, we hear similar messages. Add to that the interview with Lotus-Youngman CEO Pang Quingnian, which he gave to the SVT.

Everyone who wants to return to Saab is welcome to Lotus Youngman, he announced. Provided, of course, that Lotus-Youngman wins the bid. According to him, the administrators would now select two possible buyers from the bidding group and hold final negotiations with them. The interview was conducted on Monday at the Beijing Motor Show.

Pang Quingnian did not want to tell the press how much his company bid for Saab. He expects a decision to sell in the next 14 days.

Of course, every interview contains a lot of politics. Lotus Youngman plays the press card as a joker, trying to influence opinions and decision-making. That's how it was throughout the process, while other bidders deliberately held back. Therefore one should see the interview under reserve. The administrators have not heard anything yet. The lawyers' firewall stops, as always.

Actually, there should be a press conference in 14-day change. Maybe we will have more messages from a reliable source during the day. One thing is for sure. The final is approaching. We are in the final sprint.




2 thoughts on "SAAB News: Are you finally making the decision?"

  • I get completely confused in my head, a well-made Nordic crime thriller couldn't be more exciting, I personally would have cared so much that it somehow blossoms again in Trollhättan. I am passionate about my 3 favorites and would strike if it would say ”Here is your new Saab 9.5 Aero-Kombi”
    Greetings Gastone

    • Hello Gastone,

      all indications suggest that the new owner of SAAB-Automobile will (finally) be determined in the next few days. Whether things “bloom” really well in Trollhättan naturally depends on the investor's choice - here the famous “lucky hand” is required.

      A new 9-5 (9-5 III sedan and also 9-5 III station wagon) will not be available until 2013 at the earliest, as has already been reported on all sides - as is well known, due to the fearful behavior of the so-called managers of a certain large American corporation!

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