SAAB News: Mahindra the favorite in the race for Saab?

No surprises in the final sprint in the bidding dispute over the Swedish cult brand? Sweden radio PV4 Väst reports that in the Saab final, the last two candidates preferred by the administrators are Lotus-Youngman and Mahindra. The Indians are to be traded as favorites in the final negotiation phase. The final talks on the sale of the car company began this week.

The fight for Saab, how long will we last? Actually, we can not hear the topic anymore. We would like to see results, please. Yesterday, Lotus Youngman founder Pang Qingnian named the 15. May as the date on which everything had gone. The faster, the better. The decision lies with the administrators and not with Pang Qingnian. The sale of Saab assets and the complex issue of using trademark rights are just facts.

The complete package will include the profitable spare parts division of Saab, which is currently under state custody. Now it depends on the price that the parties are prepared to pay. For Saab it is about the future of automotive engineering, for us what brand we will drive in the next few years.

The largest employers in Trollhättan, graphic PV4 Väst
The largest employers in Trollhättan, graphic PV4 Väst

Trollhättan itself is about economic survival. Radio PV4 Väst has published a graphic with the largest companies in the municipality. The break is obvious. Saab's biggest employer is, at least for now, disappeared and also seats manufacturer Lear has made his plant in Trollhättan closed.

The start-ups, innovative as they may be, can not outweigh the loss of jobs in industrial manufacturing. At the weekend, the TTELA published a series on industrial change in the city. From the construction of steam locomotives, to turbine production, aircraft construction and automobile production. Often the change was delayed. By ordering 100 locomotives for the USSR, the locomotive was extended. By GM and the welcome losses, with which one could count on profits from other activities tax-saving, the urgent problems were not tackled at Saab. Until it was too late. Crisis was always, notes the local newspaper.

Now, once again, change and the turn of the century are announced. Even if the chimneys of the Saab factory smoke again in the Stallbacka, Saab will not be the same anymore.

Which does not have to be bad. There is a chance in every departure. For Saab and Trollhättan it could be a unique opportunity. A traditional brand, free from any balast who dares to reboot. It has never been that way.

All we need is the right buyer with a keen sense for the brand. There are exciting times.


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  • purely on the feeling I think the Mahindra is the better of the remaining 2 bidders. However, it has not been known yet what Mahindra has in mind with Saab. There was talk of electric cars, continuation of the brand and preservation of the site Trollhättan. More has not been announced since. So we have to trust the administrators that they do their job thoroughly and have the necessary instincts.

  • I keep my fingers crossed for the Indians ... it hurts!
    SAAB is alive ... I was allowed to experience the Taunus Tower today! 😉

  • Hallo,

    I take this opportunity to compliment this ingenious, informative site! I recently purchased a Saab 9-3X after having lost my beloved Saab 9-5 CS Aero for a total loss (shot down). I sincerely hope that Saab will be allowed to live on and move a lot again in the automotive industry!
    Greetings from Switzerland

  • With Youngman, I lack the real strategy. I trust Mahindra more without reflection. It's not just about completing the Phoenix platform in 2+ years. The former Saab sales network must remain vital. The plant has to produce cars, especially Saabs - and if only in small numbers 93 diesels with automatic transmissions.
    It's about keeping the fire, getting developers back and keeping the production staff on the line. The spirit / culture of Saab may already be gone. The chance you have in poker possibly forgive.
    That's why I'm not sticking my head in the sand. Have the days ordered parts for an extensive chassis overhaul of my deer. The 95 will stay with us for the next few years.

  • With the best of intentions, I can not imagine that even a clear-sighted person would rather see the company from the People's Republic as owner than Mahindra from the democratic world.
    For almost a year now, Youngman has made a lot of waves, but seldom kept ...

    Maybe we should have all tried to influence the administrators (if possible) with our future wishes!
    We are the buyers that will be important in the future.

    I mean it really serious: if the unloved of me Chinese take over the helm, it is very likely that in addition to my hobby Saab's 900 and convertible 9-3 the main car 9 5 II at some point must give way to a Jaguar. Would be a pity!
    China? No thanks!!!

    Let's hope the best.

  • I doubt that the surveys of the mentioned blog are representative. The number of participants is always kept secret.
    But the direction is right. Mahindra is also my favorite and I hope for a happy ending of the Sweden Crime in excess. 🙂

  • Not only the buyer or new owner needs a lot of sense - already now, immediately before the decision, a lot of flair is required by the administrators.

    If the trend communicated by PV4 Väst is correct, in my opinion there would actually be a lot of instinct for the right investor (as you know, I am not alone with this view of things - a survey a few weeks ago in the SAAB and MG Rover blog already had found that over 60% of the participants were for Mahindra & Mahindra).

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

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