SAABblog: Visitor from Sweden…

Today we have a visit from Stockholm. I have just picked up my guest at Frankfurt Airport. There is much to tell from the Saab world. has released this day. News about our cult brand will follow later.


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  • And that's why I even look at “I. Lindström”. Unfortunately, the brand from Gothenburg has been dominating lately, or more and more German vehicles.

    • Well Wolfgang clear. But that's why the good Sweden Crime does not see? The thrillers are in any case content better than many German production. Speaking of thrillers: In some English thrillers (I believe in Inspector Barnaby?) Saab (Saab 900 I, 93, 95) have also been seen. As I said, it depends on the shooting time of the crime story.

  • I am always happy when I see the thrillers about Kurt Wallander, because there Commissioner Wallander and many of his colleagues in their official vehicles (at least when the films were filmed) drive a Saab.

  • A wise comment - that about the Swedish government is unfortunately true. Nobody knows why German cars are used here….

    In the future, however, not only small vehicles should be produced - 9-5 and larger is actually mandatory at SAAB.

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein

    • That's true. it seems to me that the americans want to ride big sledges.
      But SAAB was successful because the design was so unique, 96,900. what do you think of this sketch
      I think it's a good idea:
      look under ...
      Asheraft's sketchbook
      Aerosabre 2

  • Hello dear friend ! nice greetings from Japan!
    I am very happy to read that the Saabists from all over the world managed to save the museum and the last 9-3. hopefully the former workers in trollhouses are so lucky.
    We are almost all raised with this brand and know exactly how great a Saab drive.
    I hope Saab chooses a small car, big cars like the 9-5 are already enough. It should be economical because the petrol has already become a luxury, the young people are enthusiastic about cars again.
    Apparently, no one in the Swedish government drives a Saab otherwise they would have made more effort to rescue the company.

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