Rearview mirror: Mahindra's way west

The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror
The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror

The Swedes have passed their judgment. In Saab's home country, Mahindra is a favorite when it comes to the future of the auto company. It seems that the final will be contested by Lotus-Youngman and Mahindra & Mahindra. However, we are still waiting for reliable news.

Time to take a closer look at Mahindra and the current activities. The difference between the putative finalists is obvious. While the potential buyers from the People's Republic of China draw their financial strength from old industries such as mining and heavy industry, Mahindra is a modern conglomerate. Lotus-Youngman stands where Mahindra & Mahindra began 65 years ago.

The Indians are now operating in more than 100 countries worldwide and employ more than 144.000 employees. The 1945-based group is engaged in vehicle construction, military technology, agriculture, IT solutions, aircraft construction and much more. It is very expansive and consistent.

What we see is impressive. New joint ventures are constantly emerging and the empire of Keshub and Anand Mahindra is growing a little every day. Mahindra wants to become a full-range supplier in the field of mobility. The aircraft division was founded in 2007, the manufacturer became two years later Gipps Aero bought to it. The construction of rugged SUVs, one of Mahindra's strengths since 65 years, has been through the purchase of the battered manufacturer Ssang Yong 2011 supplemented with an SUV range.

This gives the Indians a foot in the door of the trendy SUV segment. A first step, followed by others. The new successful model from India, with which one wants to leave the market of rough-legged off-road vehicles like a Land Rover Defender, is the XUV 5000. By Mahindra standards, almost going in the direction of lifestyle, it marks the new direction.

The strategy is clear. Way with the dependence on simple, robust and inexpensive products. Into new, higher-lying market segments. With that, the Indians are firmly in the sights of Europe. While only mountain farmers and foresters were enthusiastic about the recent pickups and terrain all-rounders, the perception will change with the XUV5000. For Europe, the new flagship is firmly planned. The Indians are not joking, they have already landed. About the countries of the Balkans, it goes on in the old Europe.

Departure: Mahindra XUV5OO
Departure: Mahindra XUV5OO

Individual Mahindra offshoots have already arrived in Germany. Since 2011, Tech Mahindra has had a development center in Bonn in addition to the Düsseldorf sales office.

The vehicle division moves to. In Italy's capital, the Mahindra Europe SRL was founded and the website for the Italian market is under construction. Spain and Portugal, the traditional market for tough off-roaders, have already been developed. Next is France on the list. It is only a matter of time until Germany and Scandinavia are no white spots on the Mahindra map anymore.

The investment in Saab would suit the group very well. You have SUVs, trucks, electric cars and since 2009 you also build scooters. Consistent as the owners are founded two years later a two-wheel racing team, as the first group of the subcontinent ever.

Only sedans, convertibles, station wagons are missing. The only thing missing is a traditional brand from Europe to crown the success story. Because so far there has only been a small car on offer, the car division is the weak point in the group. The will to expand is there and there has been no shortage of attempts to expand. In the battle for Jaguar / Land Rover you were beaten in the final by local competitor Tata. Therefore it is also a question of image for Mahindra to acquire the cult brand from Sweden. For the expansion in Europe and the rest of the world, Saab would be the optimal addition.

The corporate philosophy also seems to be close to the Swedish one. Positive thinking, the search for alternative solutions and not accepting any limits - these are the principles in the group. A little “Move your Mind” sounds like it. Solutions from Trollhättan, always a little different from those of the competition, seem possible here. The famous “Spirit of Saab”, not appreciated by GM accountants, could find a new home with the Indians.

Alternative thinking can go a long way. You can storm to the top, become the market leader. The agricultural division did that. The Indians sold 16.000 tractors last month. A huge number in the agricultural segment. The German top dog Fendt probably sells 14.000 units. In the year.


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    After the years-long decline of the brand SAAB, the purchase of the brand by Mahindra seems to me the only correct and promising solution. There are obviously no dependencies on other car companies. It is obvious that Mahindra, unlike other potential buyers, is not interested in further exploitation of the SAAB brand, but similar to Tata / Jaguar working on a strong brand.

    At Lotus Youngman, I still suspect that there might be tensions between solid development and non-mature technology but quick market successes that would not do the SAAB brand any good. MG / Rover seems to be a living example of what SAAB might look like in 3 years.

    I sincerely hope that a new owner of this wonderful brand has finally realized what those potentials are and has the financial power to work with long-wind on the resounding success for SAAB. All participants have deserved it all times.


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    When my favorite candidate, Mahindra (since the name was first mentioned in connection with SAAB), is awarded the contract, I open a bottle of moet and go into the garage to become my 3 solid Sweden and we look forward to a bright future.

    As a coronation, next Monday I get a new, ineligible 9-5II Aero Turbo in the fleet and give Mahindra in addition the promise: I remain true to the SAAB brand !!!
    Build a nice SAAB offshoot 9-4X on Ssangyong basis and I'll be signing shortly ...

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      A Ssangyong raised to SAAB level would have something - maybe even a 9-4X hybrid drive….

      The previous cooperation with the SAAB aviation division is an additional positive factor - and not just in terms of trademark rights. Mahindra is simply a great candidate!

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    In addition, Mahindra already has cooperations with SAAB AB in the field of the military / aero sector ... that is, the trademark rights should not be a problem ...

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    If we are Youngman against Mahindra at the final, and the insolvency administrators hopefully finally let the cat out of the bag, then it would still be quite interesting to find out who really was the unknown European carmaker / bidder and what he had in mind with Saab. If the end of the procedure is finally there then should be started as soon as possible with the restart and make the best of it. Had, would be if there is not. But still it would be very interesting for me as a curious person to find out what alternatives there would have been. Actually, one believed after all that was written BMW would be the unknown. They say they just wanted their engines. So who was it then?

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      In my estimation, the thing has already gone. The insolvency administrators negotiate with a buyer about the details and maintain the pressure by holding the second.
      I hope for SAAB that it will be the Indian or maybe European buyer because China does not fit.
      Maybe the BIG BANG will come and the stewards will let the cat out of the bag this week.
      @ Peter: Tom will tell us sometime who it was because he knows for sure. Or the guys from SU babble.

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        Not this time 😛

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    Should not the next press conference take place tomorrow? Anyone here knows, maybe Tom?

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      Actually tomorrow should be a conference, that's right. Concrete information is still missing. But all signs indicate that something will happen soon.

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      According to SU there will be no further press conferences for the time being. I would say the stewards have nothing to say except who will buy Saab, but that could take a few days.

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        Hello RedJ, nice that you are back. Thanks for the information!

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    We have often seen each other in the final months / years on the home stretch, we hope that this time it really is like this.

    Reliable information about the future visions of the individual bidders is difficult because a sword of Damocles from Detroit hovers over many, if not all possible rescue visions. So let's hope for the best. Let's hope that everyone involved did their homework, it shouldn't have been due to a lack of time….

    PS .:
    If the script of a Swedish crime novel continues, the great stranger will soon come out of cover ......

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    Well, hopefully that will (and as soon as possible) !!!!

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