SAAB News: TTA Saab 9-3 from Flash Engineering and Tidö

In Sweden, the rivalry between the TTA Elite Series and the STCC. Both racing series compete for spectators and sponsorship money. The Saab 9-3 from Flash Engineering starts in the TTA series and has successfully passed its last tests despite technical problems. On the 12. May starts in Karlskoga the first race of the season.


Swedish television has made a contribution to the rivalry between TTA and STCC. A few times a Saab 9-3 races through the picture and you can quickly see the 400 PS Nissan V6 engine under the hood.

Even if, as with all TTA cars, "third-party technology" provides the drive, it is nice to see the TTA Saab on the track.

Saab can not get enough presence in the media and at least on Swedish TV we will be able to watch something from our favorite brand in the sports section from time to time.

From the last test of the TTA vehicles before the first race, Karlskoga makes a contribution, this time from the organizer. You can see the second TTA Saab team next to Flash Engineering. Team Tidö drives the dark Saab 9-3.



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  • I thought the STCC project was better ... Something should happen again! 😉

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